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What's up ?

OpenFlyers data counter: our servers respond to your servers

14 Sep 2021

OpenFlyers API is now in production. Based on the OAuth 2.0 protocol, it allows the implementation of single sign-on (SSO) for customers with a member area or a customer area requiring authentication as well as pulling data from generic and personalized reports.

API OpenFlyers

Integrated mailing list

13 Jui 2021

Now, in addition to the mailing function present in OpenFlyers, it is possible to create a mailing list and manage subscriptions and publication rights directly from each OpenFlyers platform.

Liste de diffusion intégrée

Tutorial vidéo showing the creation of a sandbox platform

1 Juin 2021

Version 4 of OpenFlyers allows to make a copy of the data from the main platform to the sandbox platform at a specific time. This copy allows to perform tests and modifications on the sandbox platform without compromising the data of the main platform. We have therefore made a tutorial video that describes step by step the creation of this sandbox platform.

Record of processing activities

25 Mai 2021

Using the management dashboard OpenFlyers data as a personal record of processing activities to control compliance with the GDPR of its structure.

Registre de traitement de données

Deletion obsolete data

3 Mai 2021

OpenFlyers now offers a feature that allows both a simple and powerful tool to manage compliance with the GDPR and also to contribute to sustainable development: the removal of obsolete data.

Suppression des données obsolètes

External booking interface

17 Sep 2020

OpenFlyers now offers aeronautical structures a reservation module intended for external customers, ie the general public. This is to allow a person who has no connection with the structure to be able to make a reservation online in total autonomy. This is suitable, for example, for first flights, otherwise known as "discovery flights" for flying clubs or for one-off flights that may be offered by ULMs or on-demand flight companies.

Interface de réservations extérieures

Disabling the sale of a validity

4 Aoû 2020

Certain validities are for sale: their attribution to a user generates an invoicing for the latter. It may be necessary to assign a validity to a user without being charged for it. For example, when a pilot arrives during the year and he has already paid for his federal license in his previous structure, it should not be billed to him by the new structure. It is now easy to assign a validity or renew a validity without selling it thanks to the function of disengaging this sale.

Débrayage de la vente d’une validité

Interfacing with Skyzen

24 Juin 2020

By interfacing with Skyzen, OpenFlyers offers to go beyond its maintenance monitoring module. Indeed, Skyzen is a real airworthiness monitoring software, in the sense that it follows the instructions issued by the authorities (CN, AD, etc.) and that it updates the maintenance programs of each aircraft accordingly . Skyzen is web software, like OpenFlyers, which allows it, like OpenFlyers, to offer competitive prices compared to PC software while offering a solution accessible from anywhere and by any authorized person.


Skyzen can be used in two separate settings:

• that of the Part M Light defined by EASA since March 23, 2020 and which eliminates the need for an approved workshop to monitor aircraft if their maximum take-off mass is less than 2,730 kg;

• that of Part M, which distributes actions between the workshop, more precisely the CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) part, and the aeronautical structure.

Interfaçage avec Skyzen

Multiple images for validities

4 Juin 2020

We are continuing to develop the validity management module by now proposing to be able to associate several images with a validity. The goal is to allow the front and back, for example, of the same document to be stored separately.

Images multiples pour les validités

Delete or deactivate validity types

12 Mai 2020

For more than a year, you have been able to create contract validities. It is actually a question, via the configuration interface of the types of validities, of creating validities with documents to be signed. Now, when the need to have a document signed is no longer required, there are 2 possibilities: either to deactivate the type of validity to keep the history of signatures, or to completely delete the type of validity, which makes the user lose 'historical. This choice is possible for all types of validity and not only contract validity.

Suppression ou désactivation des types de validités

Lettering of accounting entries

8 Avr 2020

OpenFlyers includes a module for importing bank statements. By using this module, managers of a structure save time and avoid data entry errors. Therefore, the accounting work essentially consists of reconciling the entries and controlling the automatically generated accounts. To facilitate this work, new functionalities have just appeared: manual lettering of accounting entries, semi-automatic lettering and automatic lettering when importing bank statements.

Lettrage des écritures comptables

Collaborative list of aerodromes

26 Fév 2020

The list of aerodromes available on OpenFlyers version 4 platforms can now be updated directly by end users. The OpenFlyers robot cross-checks the reporting of a missing aerodrome with the official ICAO and FFPLUM databases and, if necessary, adds the aerodrome to all platforms.

Liste collaborative des aérodromes

New navigation menu

23 Jan 2020

OpenFlyers is regularly enriched with new features. The navigation menu intensifies in order to access these new pages. Its design, dating back several years, no longer allowed quick access to the many pages making up the platforms. This is why we have completely redesigned the menu. This provides clearer and more ergonomic navigation.

Nouveau menu de navigation

Simplifying user deactivation

28 Nov 2019

With the setting up of the automatic sending of reminders for expiring validities, users can request the stop of these sendings by indicating that they are no longer a client / member of the structure. Also, it became necessary to simplify the deactivation of the users.

Simplification de la désactivation des utilisateurs

OpenFlyers Interfacing with KeyGuard key cabinets

3 Oct 2019

KeyGuard key cabinets, formerly marketed by BKS, are still widely used in many structures. This is why OpenFlyers has implemented the interfacing of these key cabinets with its platforms, as part of the access control functionalities.

Interfaçage OpenFlyers avec les armoires à clés KeyGuard

Nouveau module de suivi de maintenance

21 Aoû 2019

OpenFlyers renews its maintenance tracking module. Previously accessible via an external spreadsheet, it is now fully usable in platforms. This module makes it possible to record all the maintenance of the aircraft, whether the visits (visit of the 50 hours, etc.) or the interventions carried out on the mechanical components (altimeter, candles, etc.).

Nouveau module de suivi de maintenance

Mass recalculation of proforma invoices related to activities

11 Jui 2019

Sometimes activities are entered with un-updated billing rules. When the update is done, the billing of activities already entered must be brought into compliance. Until then, the manager had to edit the activities concerned one by one in order to apply the new tariff. This small mistake, although rare, could generate a significant additional workload. From now on, it is possible to recalculate the billing of all these activities in three clicks.

Recalcul en masse des factures « brouillard » liées aux activités

Automatic flight retreiving with Charterware

12 Juin 2019

OpenFlyers, in partnership with the German company Charterware, is deploying a solution based on a permanently installed housing in each aircraft. It automatically retrieves block and airborne times and automatically saves flights in OpenFlyers. It is also possible to have the "GPS track" of each flight, useful in particular for training pilots. This tool frees pilots from entering their flights and makes flight information more accurate, including accurate countdown of landings and touch-and-goes. Finally, it traces the hard landings.

Récupération automatique des vols avec Charterware

Import bank statements and automatic charging

22 Mai 2019

It is now possible to import bank statements and automatically generate accounting flows according to settable charging rules. For structural managers, this innovation represents a significant reduction in the time spent on accounting and a drastic reduction in the risk of errors.

Import des relevés bancaires et imputation automatique

Reversal of an accounting entry

24 Avr 2019

In the daily life of a structure, it is sometimes essential to cancel a sale, for example to refund a user who returns unsatisfactory equipment. The pure and simple deletion of an accounting entry is prohibited. Entry reversal offers a solution authorized by the law by canceling the concerned entry by writing it in the opposite direction.

Contrepasser une écriture comptable

Certification of validities and contract-validities

27 Mar 2019

The validity management module has just been enriched with two new concepts: certification of validity and contract-validity.

Certification des validités et validités-contrats

2019 FFA General Assembly

6 Mar 2019

OpenFlyers will be present at the General Assembly of the Féderation Française Aéronautique, taking place at the Espace Encan in La Rochelle from Friday 29 to Sunday March 31, 2019.

Assemblée générale 2019 de la FFA

Automated entering of supplier invoices

23 Jan 2019

The entry of supplier invoices is now done with greater speed and less risk of error. The OpenFlyers robot detects, on an invoice downloaded on the platform, the amount and the date. Then he automatically enters this data instead of the user. If the detection is not done, the user guides the robot so that it assimilates the new format. Learning benefits all OpenFlyers platforms.

Happy new year 2009

1 Jan 2019
Bonne année 2019

Storage of validities and customizable blocking message

20 Déc 2018

OpenFlyers extends the function of document storage to validities. Since last September, with OpenFlyers 4, it is possible to store documents related to resources or supplier invoices. From now on, it is also possible to dematerialize the storage of the documents corresponding to the validities of the users.

Stockage des validités et message de blocage personnalisable

Invoicing: grouping sales by customer and sending automatically by email

31 Oct 2018

New automation features are available in OpenFlyers. It is now possible to consolidate a customer's purchases into one invoice. When combined with the periodic billing feature, grouping is a powerful tool for lightening a structure's accounting tasks.

Facturation : regroupement des ventes par client et envoi automatique par email

Document storage

19 Sep 2018

The management of a structure is based on software tools and a set of documents of all kinds, in connection with its activity. OpenFlyers connects these two axes with its cloud document storage feature. First Price and above users now have storage space included at no extra cost in their subscription.

Stockage de documents

E-mail alerts based on reserved activity type

22 Aoû 2018

OpenFlyers e-mail alerts transmit real-time bookings made to the managers of a structure. Being notified of each reservation could be an information overload and therefore a waste of time. It is now possible to receive alerts only for the desired activities.

Alertes e-mail en fonction de l’activité réservée

Preparing a flight with OpenFlyers and Airmate

5 Jui 2018

Preparing for a flight is not just about booking an aircraft. It is also to study the route and, in the short term, to take knowledge of the meteorological conditions. OpenFlyers has an exclusive partnership with Airmate that allows it to interface with this free flight preparation solution. This allows us today to offer users the best of aeronautical booking and an innovative tool for planning and tracking flight.

Préparer un vol avec OpenFlyers et Airmate

View activities on the dynamic booking schedule

25 Avr 2018

The dynamic booking schedule of OpenFlyers now allows to visualize the "realized" (activities in general and flights in particular) in addition to the "programmed" (reservations). The comparison between activities actually carried out with regard to planned reservations is thus immediate. This new feature would not have been complete without the ability to see at a glance the current activities. It's done: the availability of each resource is reported in real time.

Affichage des activités sur le planning de réservation dynamique

2018 FFA General Assembly

21 Mar 2018

OpenFlyers will be present at the General Assembly of the Féderation Française Aéronautique, taking place at the Palais des Congrès Chanot in Marseille 23th Friday to Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Assemblée générale 2018 de la FFA

HTTPS protocol upgrade to TLS 1.2

14 Mar 2018

Many of you are questioning us following emails received from your banks regarding the shutdown of the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols and the obligation to switch to the TLS 1.2 protocol. These emails are sent by banks that have set up a Virtual Electronic Payment Terminal (TPE) for our customers. They require that the servers with which they perform exchanges use only the TLS 1.2 protocol in order not to create a known security vulnerability. In order to meet this requirement, we updated our servers a few weeks ago to the TLS 1.2 standard.

Mise à niveau du protocole HTTPS en TLS 1.2

Light interface/dynamic interface, pictograms "alpha" and "N"

7 Mar 2018

Two interfaces are available to OpenFlyers 4 clients. This is the light interface and the dynamic interface. The former is particularly suitable for structures in areas with a slow Internet connection and the second is suitable for terminals with a broadband connection, because of the large amount of script-related data to add the layer of data. dynamic interaction. Currently the dynamic interface is in alpha version because it implements as the features of the lightweight interface and its ergonomics is not fixed.

Interface légère/interface dynamique, pictos « alpha » et « N »

Default settings for a report

28 Fév 2018

OpenFlyers provides its users with a powerful reporting tool through its library of reports. Each report is configurable to obtain a data extraction corresponding to the need of the structure. This is done simply by means of check boxes or drop-down menus. It is now possible to memorize the chosen options and, thus, to define the default parameters of a given report.

Paramètres par défaut d’un rapport donné

Closing of the accounts 2017

31 Jan 2018

Like every year, the beginning of the year is the closing period of accounting. For this closing to happen in the best conditions, the key word is: "No rush!"

Clôture de la comptabilité 2017

Aeral statistics 2017

24 Jan 2018

At the beginning of the year, aeronautical structures are responsible for recording their statistics in the Aeral database. In 2018, registration is required from January 10th to March 10th. OpenFlyers users have a library of reports that allows them to get all the data to be reported in this database.

Statistiques Aeral 2017

Happy new year 2018!

10 Jan 2018
Bonne année 2018

Inalterability of accounting entries and payment receipts

20 Déc 2017

As of January 1, 2018, companies registering their customers' payments using accounting, management or cash register software will have to comply with new legal requirements: to guarantee inalterability, conservation and archiving of accounting entries. OpenFlyers platforms under version 4.2 now satisfy this new regulation while offering a new function to facilitate the cancellation of a bad entry and the automatic generation of receipts sent by email.

Inaltérabilité des écritures comptables et reçus de paiement

Reminder about automatic emails

16 Nov 2017

OpenFlyers has a notification system based on the automatic sending of emails. In this way, managers and users do not forget important information. For example, the booking reminder email informs the pilot that he has a reservation to make a flight.

Rappel sur l’envoi automatique des emails

Tutorial vidéo showing maintenance follow-up

18 Oct 2017

Version 4 of OpenFlyers includes, as an option, interfacing with on-line spreadsheets. The first one concerns "maintenance monitoring". It tracks the timelines of aircraft components, such as engine or propeller, based on its maintenance schedule. We have made a video tutorial to describe how it works.

OpenFlyers 4.1 launch

13 Sep 2017

The arrival of version 4 has enabled OpenFlyers users to benefit from new features. Initially, these were not all developed on version 3. Conversely, some key features of version 3 did not find their equivalent on version 4. It is now done , through version 4.1. It also allows you to browse freely between the old interface (version 3) and the new interface (version 4) in order to have access to all of OpenFlyers.

Lancement d’OpenFlyers 4.1

Feedback on July's survey

16 Aoû 2017

In order to complete the consolidation of our search engine, on which you can find more details in the news Creation of an aeronautical directory, the whole team of OpenFlyers thank you for having answered the associated questionnaire. We closed the survey. Here is a brief summary of your feedback.

Survey and creation of an aeronautical directory

6 Jui 2017

As you may have already noticed, we have added a search engine on our showcase site to make it easier for end-users to find the OpenFlyers platform of their structure ( Now, we want to go further by making this search engine a real aeronautical directory.

Sondage et création d’un annuaire aéronautique

Aérogligli comes in OpenFlyers

21 Juin 2017

Aérogligli offers on-line courses for the preparation of the theoretical exams for private aircraft pilot (PPL/A and LAPL/A) and for the Aeronautics Initiation Certificate (BIA). These e-learning courses are made up of theoretical courses and MCQs.

Aérogligli arrive sur OpenFlyers

Multiple electronic payment terminals

18 Mai 2017

Several electronic payment terminals can be linked to an OpenFlyers platform. This Internet payment functionality responds to the demand for structures charging their activities on several bank accounts.

TPE multiples

Free migration to the new interface

12 Avr 2017

Upon request, customers running version 3 can upgrade to OpenFlyers version 4. Migration allows you to benefit from the functionality of the new interface while maintaining access to the old interface. The fusion of the two interfaces is a way to take advantage of all the power of OpenFlyers.

Migration gratuite vers la nouvelle interface


9 Mar 2017

OpenFlyers spreadsheets are powerful tools for synthesis and control. They operate and combine data from one platform into a set of formulas to meet specific needs.


Interfacing OpenFlyers and iFly Innovation

8 Fév 2017

Couple flight times captured in OpenFlyers with a progress log? It is now possible thanks to the OpenFlyers/iFly Innovation partnership. IFly Innovation offers an on-line digital progression booklet. This one is customizable to conform to the training program specific to each flying club. Thus, each flight entered in OpenFlyers is imported into iFly Innovation in order to fit into the course of the training.

Interfaçage OpenFlyers/iFly Innovation

New features of the trombinoscope on OF3

12 Jan 2017

We have improved the trombinoscope on OpenFlyers version 3. This tool makes it possible to visualize all the users of a platform. These are identified either by a photograph or by a pictogram. Here's all you can do.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités du trombinoscope sur OF3

Payment at booking on OF4

30 Nov 2016

Version 4 of OpenFlyers consolidates the company's turnover by coupling the booking schedule with an electronic payment terminal (TPE). Test the demo by clicking on the Payment at booking thumbnail.

Paiement à la réservation sur OF4

Aeral statistics by aeronautic resource types

20 Oct 2016

We replaced the resource category aircraft by several more specific categories: Aircraft, Drone, Helicopter, Glider, Ultra-light motorized. This allows to generate reports for statistical Aeral distinguishing the total hours for each category.

Statistiques Aeral par type de ressource aéronautique

New interface for reports on OF3 and OF4

14 Sep 2016

Report generation has been completely redesigned on OF3 and OF4.

Nouvelle interface pour consulter les rapports sur OF3 et OF4

Sending email campaigns with OpenFlyers platforms

3 Aoû 2016

OpenFlyers now includes a mailing sending interface. This allows platform managers to transmit information to users selected with criteria.

Envoi de mailings depuis les plateformes OpenFlyers

OpenFlyers' team is expanding

6 Jui 2016

The increase of our resources allows us to increase our development team. Thus, Benjamin joined Johnny, Stéphane and Lydie in the development team OpenFlyers after a two-month internship during which he dealt successfully with the complete overhaul of the management of emails.

L’équipe d’OpenFlyers s’étoffe

New automatic email service on OpenFlyers 3.6 and 4

2 Juin 2016

Email acceptance criteria have significantly hardened in recent years to fight against the scourge of spam. Therefore, more and more electronic mail providers - Gmail first - rejected emails sent by OpenFlyers servers or classified them as "spam." So we decided to take completely creation chain emails sent automatically by OpenFlyers platforms in versions 3 and 4. On this occasion, OpenFlyers OpenFlyers 3.5 becomes OpenFlyers 3.6.

Les emails font peau neuve sur OpenFlyers 3.6 et 4

New phone number : commercial service

25 Mai 2016

The establishment of a new issue dedicated to commercial service enables contact OpenFlyers free for information on our solution. The request is either handled directly or by appointment with one of our account managers . the commercial service number: +33 5 35 54 58 18.

Nouveau numéro de téléphone : service commercial

New data center

21 Avr 2016

To accompany the growth of its business, OpenFlyers is equipped with a new data server, more efficient. Customers platforms are gaining speed and stability.

Nouveau serveur de données

FFA 2016 General Assembly

3 Mar 2016

OpenFlyers will be present at the 2016 General Assembly of the Féderation Française Aéronautique, taking place at the Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux Lac, 1st Friday to Sunday, April 3, 2016 .

Assemblée Générale de la FFA 2016

Sandbox extra platform for OpenFlyers 3.5+

11 Fév 2016

This feature allows a copy of a production platform to a sandbox platform for testing.

Plateforme supplémentaire “sandbox” pour les clients OpenFlyers 3.5 et supérieur

Reminder on statistics and the closing of accounts

13 Jan 2016

OpenFlyers allows you to generate year-end statistics. For this you can find in the literature a page dedicated to help in establishing your statistics :

Rappel sur les statistiques et la clôture de la comptabilité

Calculation formula for validity due dates

16 Déc 2015

A reminder on the implementation of the calculation formulas for vaildity due dates.

Formule pour le calcul du renouvellement des validités

OpenFlyers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube

9 Déc 2015

OpenFlyers find on social networks from the top joint bar.

OpenFlyers sur Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et YouTube

Discover OpenFlyers on a custom test platform

12 Nov 2015

Test OpenFlyers depending on your activity : reservation for flying club , boat rentals , on demand air tranportation, office rental, ULM society, driving school.

Découvrir OpenFlyers sur une plateforme de test personnalisée

Resource avalaibility

8 Oct 2015

The planning OpenFlyers can view whether a resource is available for booking.

Disponibilité des ressources sur OF4

Resource location now avalaible

9 Sep 2015

The location is indicated by labels on the booking schedule. It is thus possible to know exactly where aircrafts, cars, boats or instructors are located, at the beginning and end of booking.

Mise en place de la localisation des ressources

OF4 test platforms and improvements on OF3.5

30 Avr 2015

In April 30th newsletter (French) :

  • OF4 launched
  • OF4 monthly planning
  • Recording direct purchases in OF3.5
  • Formulas to automate validity term setting

OF4.0 release

3 Mar 2015

In march 2015 newsletter (french) :

  • Editorial
  • Upgrading to OF4
  • OF4 gestures
  • OF4 : table edition
  • Online video tutorials for OF4
  • Better navigation in OF3.5
  • Sale validation in OF3.5
2 Sep 2013

OpenFlyers 3.0.3 stable and upcoming OpenFlyers 4.0

28 Fév 2013

Described in the latest newsletter from March 2013:

  • OpenFlyers 3.0.3 stable and upcoming release of OpenFlyers 4.0
  • French Aeronautical Federation annual general meeting
  • Development news

Happy reading!

14 Déc 2012
29 Oct 2012
20 Mar 2012
21 Fév 2012

Resource management in 3.0alpha release

12 Déc 2011

The concept of resource appears in 3.0alpha OpenFlyers release, and replaces the term aircraft.

2011-12-12 Press release

OpenFlyers website has changed its look

8 Nov 2011

In order to explore new markets whose needs are similar to those of aeronautical structures, OpenFlyers website underwent a facelift.

2011-11-08 Press release

Carburettor Icing Coloring

23 Sep 2011

OpenFlyers includes now in the 3.0release the Carburettor Icing risk by coloring the temperature/dew point from the METARs provided by the weather stations.

News in OF3.0alpha

12 Aoû 2011
  • report on inactive pilot account: this report allows to list the users who have not renewed their subscription for more than two years;
  • key panel: if you possess a key panel, the system asks for the key to be put back on the panel only if the landing field corresponds to the structure base.

2011-08-12 Press release

Summer 2011 holidays

22 Jui 2011

OpenFlyers team will be on holidays from August, 15th until September, 2nd.

We remind you that:

  • for technical questions, you can post your questions on the support forum available from this website;
  • for Airline, Fractional Jet or Private Jet memberships, you have an additional support by e-mail to the dedicated address (do not forget to specify the customer account);
  • for any bug in the OpenFlyers application, in order to optimize fixing by the development team, we recommend the use of the BTS.
  • for sale inquiries, we will process your requests as of September, 5th;
  • for ay problem access to your customer account, please find here a guide that describes how to find the user name and password.

Wishing you a happy summer holidays!
OpenFlyers team

2011-07-22 Press release

Phone support

22 Jui 2011

Since July, 1st our customers, final users and prospects can call our hotline (excluding setting support). Available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 9 to 1PM and 2 to 5PM.

2011-07-22 Press release

New free offer

10 Juin 2011

Strictly limited to individuals who own an aircraft, and limited to one aircraft and five users, you get access with this package to a  free professionnal solution to manage your aircraft.

Enter only one time your flight hours and update automatically your flight log, your logbook and the remaining time.

Consult our price catalog and also our General Terms and Conditions to check your eligibility.

2011-06-10 Press release

News OF 3.0 alpha

10 Juin 2011
  • calculation of the total amount of debit accounts;
  • unlimited statistics creation on flights, with automatic determination of the kind of flight;
  • automatic determination of landing fees billing;
  • deactivation/reactivation of useless fligh types;
  • new functionality getDebitCredit() accessible to administrators for creating their reports.

2011-06-10 Press release

AviationExpo 2011 Bitburg

9 Mai 2011

OpenFlyers team will be in Bitburg from May 27th to May 29th during the AviationExpo Europe.

Feel free to come and see us!

New Interfacing Solutions for Access Control

5 Mai 2011

OpenFlyers works with AgilyTimes to offer key management (Key panels) and access control solutions (to secure installations).

Consult our documentation and our price catalog.

2011-05-05 Press release

Aero-Expo Friedrichschafen 2011

12 Avr 2011

OpenFlyers will be present at Friedrichschafen from the 13th to the 16th April durin the International Trade exhibition for General Aviation.

OpenFlyers stand number is 103 located in the Hall A4.

FFA General Assembly in Biarritz

4 Mar 2011

Like every year since 2003, OpenFlyers will take a booth on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the FFA to be held in Biarritz on 26 and 27 March 2011.

Feel free to visit us!


24 Jan 2011

The notion of "validity"has appeared in OpenFlyers 3 replacing the concept of "qualification".

Following the establishment of the opportunity to sell subscriptions, the concept of "qualifications" had become far too restrictive. It is therefore replaced by the term "validity"which allows to include consistently as well as the actual qualifications than licenses, insurance or subscriptions.


17 Déc 2010

Our offices are closed from December 18 to January 3.

We remind you that:

  • for technical questions, you can post your questions on the support forum available from this website.
  • For subscriptions Airline, Fractional Jet or Private Jet, you have an additional support by e-mail to the dedicated address (do not forget to specify the customer account)
  • For any bug in the OpenFlyers application to optimize fixing by the development team, we recommend the use of the BTS
  • For sales inquiries, we will treat your applications starting January 3
  • For any problem to access to your customer account we offer you a guide that describes how to find the user name and password.


Wishing you a happy holiday season,

The OpenFlyers team

SMILE upload with OF3.0alpha

26 Nov 2010

The SMILE file (from the french aeronautic federation) import module is taking shape.

As usual, we have complicated where we could have done simple. This will to complicate things is explained by:

  • allow to easily adapt the system for the day the SMILE export format will change
  • be able to import any type of format from any source

This translates into the need to create a type of import with queries to define as for the reports where we got access to SQL queries.

The advantage is obvious: the tool is definitely powerful and open.

In parallel, we will attack the second part of this import module: engine with automatic billing and in advance the possibility of charging qualifications.

OpenFlyers 2.1.0

29 Oct 2010

OpenFlyers 2.1.0 is now published. This closes the developments on the branch "2" and opens the developments on version 3.

Now customers have the choice between version 2.1.0 and version 3.0alpha.

During its development and consolidation, the 3.0alpha version is priced at 2.1.0 in exchange for the support provided by customers to test and validate new developments.

Any customer who subscribes to version 3.0alpha will keep the same rate for 3.0 final.

Stabilization of OpenFlyers 2.1 and ...

31 Aoû 2010

Launch of OpenFlyers 3.0alpha development!

AVIATOReLogBook 1.2

17 Aoû 2010

OpenFlyers launches the sale of the latest version 1.2 of the famous electronic logbook AVIATOReLogBook designed by Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), after having made the French translation.

OpenFlyers au salon ULM de Blois 2010

9 Aoû 2010

Pour la première fois, OpenFlyers sera présent au Salon ULM de Blois les 4 et 5 septembre 2010.

Free parameters in the generation of reports

11 Jui 2010

The report engine is enriched by the possibility of creating parameters freely.

We aim, in OpenFlyers, is to let our customers the opportunity to shape the application according to their own needs. It is this objective that fits the report generator, unique and practical tool.

Now you can freely create as many parameters as you want and which will thus give you the capability to deal with more powerful reports.

Moreover parameters that can be created are of two types:

    "generic" parameters (number, date,etc.)
    database parameters which represent an element in the database (user, aircraft, etc.)

This feature thus allows the administrator to create report types even more powerful and to the end user to generate reports for individual items (aircraft, user, etc..) and even mix parameters (obtain list of flights to a particular user on a given aircraft between such date and such date).

The documentation is online on the English wiki.

Informations flow

28 Mai 2010

Now OpenFlyers 2.1 includes the possibility for the administrator to broadcast as many information messages as desired instead of a single message that appeared on the reservation page.