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Looking for users to test OpenFlyers Android app

23 Juin 2024

We're looking for around a hundred users to preview the OpenFlyers Android app, in order to validate the different types of use on the hundreds of OpenFlyers platforms before its large-scale deployment.

Recherchons utilisateurs pour tester appli Android OpenFlyers

If you have an Android phone,

If you think that an "app" version of OpenFlyers planning will be a plus for you,

If you'd like to have a say in the early development of the first version of the app,

Then don't hesitate to send us an email (see Support page for email address) specifying:

  • the name of your OpenFlyers platform (example: if the URL of your platform is then your platform is "lfio-for-ever" )
  • your position within your organization (student, pilot, instructor, chief pilot, mechanic, training manager, president, manager, etc.)
  • your personal gmail email address used on your Android phone to register as an app tester.

In all other cases, please feel free to circulate this ad.