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Closing of the accounts 2017

31 Jan 2018

Like every year, the beginning of the year is the closing period of accounting. For this closing to happen in the best conditions, the key word is: "No rush!"

Clôture de la comptabilité 2017

Indeed, as much as the OpenFlyers solution allows you to continue entering the new year without having previously closed the previous year, as long as the previous year is closed, it is absolutely not possible to return to it for obvious reasons of integrity.

The OpenFlyers accounting engine offers all the tools needed to close the annual accounting of a structure.

The procedure listing the actions to be performed to close the accounting is described here:é#Exporter-la-comptabilité

This procedure passes through the balance of the accounts:é#Solder-les-comptes

As of February 1, 2018, if the 2017 accounting year has not been closed, the platform concerned generates the alert "Current accounting year is more than one year":'exercice-comptable-courant-a-plus-d'un-an

It is just an alert to close the structure's accounting. Indeed, it is not healthy to leave an unfinished exercise indefinitely.

In conclusion: do not forget to close your accounting, but do not do it in haste.