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Control email alerts

17 Nov 2022

OpenFlyers platform managers can set up e-mail alerts for themselves, for users or for other categories of managers. The setting up of e-mail alerts for validations pending certification is an opportunity to take stock of the different categories of alerts and their management in order to avoid burdening messaging systems with useless e-mails while being informed of situations requiring treatment.

Piloter les alertes par email

The different categories of email alerts are listed on the Emailing page of the documentation:

In addition, for each e-mail sent an entry is generated in the e-mail tracking system accessible from Management > Communications > E-mail tracking.

See the Email Tracking page of the documentation:


The choice to receive e-mail alerts is up to the end user when it comes to bookings. If their profile has the Alertable by e-mail right for any booking they can also choose to be alerted by e-mail for each booking where one of the activities corresponds to an activity monitored by the user.

See the Reservation chapter for the different types of emails sentéservation

Please note: users have the option to activate the setting Reminder of previous day's bookings by e-mail. This reminder is not intended to remind you of an upcoming reservation but to remind you of a past reservation. It is only useful in specific cases.éservations-de-la-veille-ou-de-la-journée-par-e-mail


Platform managers can set the frequency and timing of email alerts for validations to be sent to users, such as Membership Fees, Medical Examinations or Federal Licences.

See the chapter Setting up email reminders for expired validations on the Validations Setup page of the documentation:étrage-des-validités#Paramétrer-des-rappels-par-e-mail-des-validités-à-échéance

Managers can also choose to be informed of emails sent to relevant users by setting the Email Alert column for all users' revalidations.

See the chapter E-mail notification of user actions on validations:'information-des-actions-des-utilisateurs-sur-des-validités

For validations to be certified, managers can define which profiles should be informed of validations pending certification

See the chapter Certification :étrage-des-validités#Certification


Managers can set up email alerts for users whose account balance falls below a set level.

It is in this setting, that the manager can also define which profiles are copied to the alert emails.

See the chapter Balance Reminder Email :

It is also possible to set up the sending of e-mails when generating invoices and/or receipts.

See the chapters Invoice e-mail and Receipt e-mailçu