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What's up ?

OpenFlyers makes end-of-year operations easier

19 Déc 2023

Whether for statistics, accounting, renewal of validities (membership, federal licenses), OpenFlyers simplifies your life in operations at the end of the year and the start of the following year.

OpenFlyers facilite les opérations de fin d’année

You can find in the OpenFlyers documentation the procedures and descriptions of the settings to be implemented for each of the tools:

- Closing of accounts:é#Clôturer-l'exercice-comptable

- Aeral statistics (with possibility of sending to SMILE FFA):

- Automatic invoicing of contributions with “validities for sale”:és#Validité-à-vendre

- Possibility of having internal regulations or general conditions signed electronically with “contract validity”:és#Validité-contrat

- Sync FFA license with SMILE to update expiry date in OpenFlyers when FFA license is renewed directly from SMILE:és#Certification-automatique-à-partir-du-numéro-de-licence-délivré-par-la-Fédération-Française-Aéronautique

- Automatically upload bank statements by aggregating bank accounts:é#Agréger-des-comptes-bancaires

Finally, to take ownership of each functionality without risk, OpenFlyers provides a sandbox for each client platform:èle-commercial#Plateforme-supplémentaire-de-test-(bac-à-sable)