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Drag and drop on touch screen

19 Oct 2023

Following the implementation last September of drag and drop using the mouse, OpenFlyers added the same function of moving reservations from the planning interface, this time on a touch screen.

Glisser-déposer sur écran tactile

To use the functionality, you must press the reservation with your finger until a “4 arrows” pictogram appears symbolizing the movement, at the top left of the reservation.

Once the pictogram is visible, it is possible to move the reservation by simply moving your finger.

A “cast shadow” appears on the quarter hours potentially covered by the reservation.

By releasing your finger, the “4 arrows” pictogram is replaced by a “spinning wheel” to indicate the update in progress then by a green “check” to symbolize that the update is complete.

To continue to display the context menu with your finger, you must press briefly.

A double short press displays the reservation modification form.

Documentation for this feature:égère)#Ergonomie-sur-écran-tactileégère)#Glisser-déposer-des-réservations