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OpenFlyers training booklet

16 Mai 2024

At the request of client organisations using the OpenFlyers training booklet, we have just added the "summary table" functionality, which makes it possible to see at a glance a student's entire progress by training phase. This is an opportunity to present this training monitoring module.

Livret de progression OpenFlyers

The OpenFlyers training tracking module allows training organisations to freely create training programmes in OpenFlyers based on their own registered training programmes. In this way, each organisation retains control over its own programme.

The description of training courses can be based on a library of items, which can be added to, based on a reference system of titles derived in particular from the texts of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, but also for specific needs, such as for microlights, aircraft equipped with parachutes, etc.

The aim of this library of titles is to enable, in the long term, interoperability between the progress logbooks of training organisations, so that a student can transfer his logbook from one training organisation to another.

What's more, the student tracking module proposed by OpenFlyers enables training to be carried out with agility. Each training manager proposes a default chronology of training items, and then each trainer indicates which training items have actually been seen, and which need to be postponed or reviewed, without this affecting the training follow-up.

The trainer/student signature mechanisms are also in place.

The progress booklet provides a summary view of the default items, the last items seen and an overview of previous sessions.

In addition to the progress booklet, the module now includes a "summary table" function that shows at a glance how far the student has progressed in the course, by phase and by degree of completion of a phase.

The "progress log" module is optional and is billed separately. Each organisation can choose to set up its own training programme(s) or ask OpenFlyers to configure them. See the price list for associated costs:

See the documentation for setting up a training programme:

Procedures for using the progress booklet :és#Consulter-le-livret-de-formationés#Consulter-le-suivi-de-formationés#Consulter-le-tableau-de-synthèse-du-livret-de-progressionés#Saisir-un-suivi-de-formationés#Signer-une-activité-formation