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Management software tailored to the price of ready-to-wear


Access Control Management

We provide interfacing with full suite of security and access control

With our ability to develop software interfaces tailored for each protocol, we are able to implement the developement over OpenFlyers platforms of standard modules for controlling access to facilities (rooms, boats, planes, etc.). You can then leverage on the potency of OpenFlyers setting particularly through the permissions control module to control access to sites and resources.

At OpenFlyers we are open and we want to let our customers choose their equipment. It is in this spirit that we have published our communication protocol that allows control of access control solutions.

At the same time, we work closely with the German company Deister electronic, world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of electronic solutions for identification and security.

Intelligent Keypanels Deister Electronic for Key Management and Security

Deister electronic proposes a complete catalog of key panels from the range proxSafe that meets the needs of every type of structure.

Deister Electronics ProSafe Max and ProSafe Mini

A keypanel is able to manage 8 to 32 slots where electronic key fobs are inserted and locked. All the elements are protected behind a steel door. The automatic opening is activated when the badge is read when taking the key. Keys are sealed to electronic key fobs. The bunch is made with a single-use seal.


The management terminal includes the RFID badge reader to identify the petitioner.

Working Principle

  • The authorization is given at the request for considering the resource (flight departure in aeronautics):
  • According to the setting made, the customer/user must ask to access a resource in OpenFlyers;
  • The software checks that he has the authorizations by verifying that he has the validities required by the structure;
  • If all is in order, then OpenFlyers software declares that the customer/user is authorized to take a key;
  • The customer/user presents his RFID badge in front of the GoNoGo.Box system;
  • This one checks the authorization in OpenFlyers and sends a command to the key panel to unlock to key concerned;
  • The customer/user can then take the key.

Automatic Door LocksAutomatic Door Locks

The access control may also be implemented for installations (gymnasium, tennis courts or aircraft hangars). Thus, only the persons that may justified of the required authorizations can acess to them.

Recognition is done by fingerprint authentication, RFID badge and/or electronic lock.


Validities management is integrated to OpenFlyers and you can update the databases contained in the locks by a radio/internet connection.

Related features
  • Access Control combined with the OpenFlyers solution

  • Automated and autonomous access control operations

  • Automated electronic door key under the form of key cabinets

  • From 8 to 32 positions depending of the keypanel selected option

    A number of keys adapted to the size of your structure.
  • Access restriction management

    Allows to define access rules for users depending on their group category, their balance account or a deadline.
  • Maintenance linkage to access control

    Allows to limit the access to a resource only if it does not exceed the next regulatory mecanical deadline.
  • Remote State Check option

  • Restricting access to specific time slots option alpha

    Allows to grant access only during some periods, some shifts or during the periods booked.
  • Personalized magnetic cards bearing the image of the structure option