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Record of processing activities

25 Mai 2021

Using the management dashboard OpenFlyers data as a personal record of processing activities to control compliance with the GDPR of its structure.

Registre de traitement de données

The Management Scoreboard Data accessible from Admin > Structure > Data > Conservation data, now contains all the columns allowing it to be used as a personal record of processing activities as provided for by the 2018 GDPR regulation.

The lines are predefined by OpenFlyers according to the processing that can be done in the software. Considering that OpenFlyers addresses all the processing required for the management of an aeronautical structure. These lines correspond to all processing operations, knowing that they are defined by purpose and not by software within the meaning of the GDPR.

For each purpose, the legal basis for processing defined by default in OpenFlyers is “l” legal obligation. ” Indeed, aeronautical structures collect personal data because they have a regulatory obligation to do so for most purposes (booking, flights, accounting, monitoring of training, monitoring of pilots' deadlines). However, it is entirely possible to change this legal basis and to select one of the other legal bases provided for in the regulation. The other field of the manual processing record of the structure is the name the controller. By default, it is filled with the name of the OpenFlyers maintainer of the structure. It is also editable by the structure. Thus it is entirely possible to define different controllers according to the purposes.

The other fields are “passive” fields: they define the profiles that have access to the information in read or write form, and indicate the number of people involved, how it is collected (manual) or where it is stored (OpenFlyers Servers).

Documentary references:éesées#Accéder-au-tableau-de-conservation-des-donnéesées#Modifier-la-base-légale-d'un-traitementées#Modifier-le-responsable-d'un-traitementèglement-Général-sur-la-Protection-des-Donnéesèglement-Général-sur-la-Protection-des-Données#Registre-de-traitement-des-données