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Invoicing: grouping sales by customer and sending automatically by email

31 Oct 2018

New automation features are available in OpenFlyers. It is now possible to consolidate a customer's purchases into one invoice. When combined with the periodic billing feature, grouping is a powerful tool for lightening a structure's accounting tasks.

Facturation : regroupement des ventes par client et envoi automatique par email

1- Grouping of sales by customer

The structure sells products (reservations, access to a pontoon, user manual, etc.) to its customers. For a bill to be created, a sale must be validated. This generates an unalterable accounting entry. In the case of activities, validation is not always done at the time of sale. For example, an administrator checks each entered flight and performs global validation (Admin > Activities > Activities List). The validation of activities is done manually and by series.

It is now possible to group the activities validated by customer. Thus, a user who has done several activities over a period validated at one time, will end up with a single invoice instead of an invoice per activity performed. This presents a double gain:

  • A gain in weight (KB): this makes it possible to limit the size of the database. From an ecological point of view, it's beneficial.
  • A gain in time for the end customer in case he must, for his part, keep an accounting and therefore enter the supplier invoices he receives.

To enable this feature, go to Admin › Structure › Parameters, and in the Activity Management form activate the Group activities into one bill during validation option. Do not forget to validate the form.



2 - Periodic billing

There is another way to bill by series rather than unit: this is periodic billing. At regular intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.), sales of defined products are validated.

Since sales are automatically validated, this feature is more suitable for activities that do not require control. It does not include seizures of activities, such as flights made. On the other hand, sales of reservations (room rental, driving hours, diving hours) will take full advantage of this tool.

To set periodic billing, go to Admin › Sales › Periodic Billing.

In addition, periodic billing also includes grouping sales by customer.



3 - Automatic sending of invoices by email

Regardless of the functionalities presented above, it is now possible to activate the sending of invoices by email. Thus, each user concerned receives an invoice as soon as it is generated. The process of sale / validation / billing can be fully automated. It also helps to build trust with the customer.

To activate the automatic sending of invoices by email, go to Admin › Structure › Parameters, then Activity management form activate the option Send an email for each invoice. Do not forget to validate.