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View activities on the dynamic booking schedule

25 Avr 2018

The dynamic booking schedule of OpenFlyers now allows to visualize the "realized" (activities in general and flights in particular) in addition to the "programmed" (reservations). The comparison between activities actually carried out with regard to planned reservations is thus immediate. This new feature would not have been complete without the ability to see at a glance the current activities. It's done: the availability of each resource is reported in real time.

Affichage des activités sur le planning de réservation dynamique

The activities carried out relating to a resource are displayed under the reservation line of the resource concerned.

A realized activity is materialized in the form of a slot similar to the reservation slots, which makes it possible to find all the useful information: type of activity thanks to the color, people concerned, etc.

In the header of a line displaying activities, there are labels indicating either the start of the next activity ("Expected Start:" + time), or the end of the current activity ("Expected end:" + hour).

When an activity is in progress - that is, when a user is viewing the schedule - a flashing green circle appears both in the activity window and in the window. head of the resource line. This corresponds, for example, to current flights, that is to say open.

It is possible to choose the display modes of the schedule so as to display either reservations alone, or activities alone, or reservations and activities. A group of buttons with these three possibilities is present above the tool palette.

See the documentation:éservation#Activités