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Replacement of comboboxes with auto-complete fields

10 Nov 2021

OpenFlyers is evolving its graphical interface by replacing its old "combo boxes", comboboxes in computer language, with new ones that include an auto-completion mechanism.

Champs à auto-complétion

These new types of input fields are already implemented in most forms, such as the reservation form or the activity input form. They are also present in the user validation management interface (User and Validity fields).

Thanks to these fields, it is possible to enter a few letters in the input field to have in the drop-down list only the names that correspond, i.e. that contain the text entered. This is called auto-completion. Then click on the line corresponding to the name you are looking for.

It is also possible to delete an entire entry already made by clicking on the cross that appears to the right of the field.

Finally, when the field is empty, simply click in the field to access the entire list.