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OpenFlyers Company

Not just servers, but also services...

The OpenFlyers Ecosystem

In order to provide its users with the best tools dedicated to aeronautics on the market, OpenFlyers works in partnership with companies recognized for the quality of their product. The OpenFlyers solution interfaces with third-party solutions either by connecting to their APIs or by providing their own APIs. is the reference platform for all aeronautical news. The news RSS feed is viewable on OpenFlyers platforms.


Aérogligli offers online courses for the preparation of theoretical exams for private pilot aircraft (PPL / A and LAPL / A) and for the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate (BIA). OpenFlyers provides Aerogligli MCQs to all its users. Those with an Aerogligli account will be able to follow their level of progress in e-learning courses on their OpenFlyers platform.

AéroVFR aims to disseminate information for light aviation practitioners, mainly pilots of light aircraft and helicopters, ULM (multi-axis, gyroplanes, ULM-helicopter). The news feed aeroVFR is viewable in OpenFlyers platforms.


Airmate generates the flight route according to VFR / IFR reporting points and offers free download of VFR and IFR charts, as well as AIRAC databases. The weather information for the flight is also available: TAF and METAR (raw or decoded), TEMSI, winds, satellite map visualization. At any time, the flight preparation information is accessible from the OpenFlyers booking schedule.


Charterware records the data of a flight (aircraft, pilots, departure time, flight time, airborne time, etc.) on presentation of an RFID badge after having made a flight. The data is sent to OpenFlyers to automatically generate the billing. The GPS option allows to obtain the traces of the flight in the form of KML data to be imported into Google Earth to reconstitute the route visually.

Deister Electronic

Deister electronic, a specialist in the safety of people, objects and buildings, offers a complete catalog of key cabinets in the proxSafe range, as well as room access devices. OpenFlyers allows remote management of both devices.


Fly'Media provides advertisers with advertising space in specialized aeronautics media, including OpenFlyers platforms that add up to 2 million pages viewed per month. Contact: André Goldstein,


iFly 3.0 Innovation

iFly 3.0 InnovationTM is the fully customizable digital progression booklet for any associative or professional activity and for any type of aircraft: plane, helicopter, ULM, glider, etc. The interfacing with OpenFlyers makes it possible to transmit flight data to iFly 3.0 Innovation, in order to insert them in the progress booklet.


Skyzen is a complete airworthiness tracking software. It follows the instructions issued by the authorities (CN, AD, etc.) and updates the maintenance programs for each aircraft accordingly.