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Management software tailored to the price of ready-to-wear


Solution for aero-club and aeronautical structure

OpenFlyers is a management software dedicated to pilots, instructors, mechanics and managers of aeronautical structures: flying clubs, training schools, transport companies on demand, aerial work companies or rental companies.

Since the end of 2003, through its application, OpenFlyers has been constantly developing innovative services dedicated to players in the aerospace industry.


Related features
  • Ephemeris calculation beta

    Also calculation of the aeronautical day/night.
  • Weather observations and forecasts

    Weather informations are displayed directly on the booking planning page. Station customization.
  • Carburetor icing risk highlighted

    Directly in the METARs and possibility to display the corresponding icing risk abacus.
  • Automatic flight time computation

    Using formulas set by the structure.
  • Counter management

    Capability to define a different meter type for each aircraft (minutes, tenths or hundredths).
  • Setting the continuity of meters

    Allows to define the margins of tolerance accepted. Useful, for example, in aeronautics, for calculating flight time or meter variance between 2 flights.
  • Direct matching of plane position beta

    Allows to display, from the OpenFlyers platform, positions transmitted via internet by a GPS, such as the AeroBox.
  • Flight planning alpha

  • E-logbook for pilots alpha