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Email alerts

Presented the colors OpenFlyers, email alerts provide real- time members of flying clubs, driving schools, water sports clubs events relating to their settings and their reservations on the online schedule. Email conform to fight against spam: they arrive directly in the inboxes. A follow interface that gives them an overview of all sent emails.


Booking schedule

  • Booking Confirmation: in addition to being an alert, the email includes a .ics file used by simple double-click to insert the reservation in a Google Calendar type of schedule, Apple Calendar or Outlook.
  • Reservation modification
  • reservation cancellation.
  • Overbooking: alert sent when booking placed overbooking becomes the main reservation.


Date exceeded validity: for example, when matured a private pilot license, medical certificate.


Insufficient balance of warning: when a user has exhausted all the money from his account, an email is sent. So think of re-credit his account before making a new flight booking, boat, driving lesson, water skiing session, etc.

User settings

Password reset email.

Tracking interface

Managers have a monitoring interface listing all the emails sent. This proves particularly useful for identifying accounts with insufficient funds and restart the affected users. This interface also allows to be informed not received due to non-existent address emails, full mailbox or refusal to spam.

Fight against spam

Email acceptance criteria are permanently cure to fight against the scourge of spam. Therefore, more and more electronic mail providers hunting down suspects emails to classify as spam. The creation chain emails sent by OpenFlyers platforms ensures they arrive in the inbox particularly through reputation engagement tools like SPF and DKIM.

Related features
  • Possible interfacing with a mailing list to automatically updates e-mail addresses

    The application can be interfaced with several types of mailing lists for synchronisation of e-mail adress. On top of this, OpenFlyers offers a free mailing list.
  • Pictogram


    Authorizes overbooking on several levels so as to allow users to get priority for booking when a desired time slot gets free. This functionality allows to optimize resource utilisation.
  • Pictogram

    Reminders and alerts by e-mail

    An e-mail is sent to the persons concerned by the booking and also to the persons which have a specific right when an add, a modification or a booking attribution is made in the case of overbooking.
  • Pictogram

    Warning and / or reminder by SMS option alpha