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Integrated mailing list

13 Jui 2021

Now, in addition to the mailing function present in OpenFlyers, it is possible to create a mailing list and manage subscriptions and publication rights directly from each OpenFlyers platform.

Liste de diffusion intégrée

OpenFlyers has had a mailing function since 2016 which allows emails to be sent directly from an OpenFlyers platform.

Historically, we offered a mailing list for each OpenFlyers platform.

From now on, the management of this mailing list is fully controllable from OpenFlyers. It is possible to :

  • create mailing list
  • synchronize users with the mailing list, i.e. subscribe those who are defined as active and delete the email addresses of those who are no longer active
  • Allow / disallow all subscribers to send emails to the mailing list
  • Allow / disallow each user to send emails to the mailing list

The mailing list management interface has a table that provides a status of the number of emails subscribed and the number of those who can send emails.

This interface is accessible from Admin> Structure> Structure> Contact information

For more information, see the documentation:

To create and manage the mailing list:éer-une-liste-de-diffusion-mailman-gérée-par-OpenFlyers

To subscribe / unsubscribe a user:'l'abonnement-d'un-user

To manage a user's authorization to send an email: