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User Management and Customer Relationships

Powerful and flexible module to fully manage users, customers, members, suscribers.

This module allows to manage as precisely as possible access rights granted to users and to create as much access profiles as necessary.

Furthermore, as much fields as necessary can be created to fill users sheets, which offers a large flexibility in configuration.

Lastly, the localization of the application facilitates customer relationship. Each one of them can customize the interface according to his needs (language, time zone, visible resources, etc.)

Related features
  • Complete setting of user profiles

    Each functionality is accessible on the condition that the associated right can be justified. As a consequence, it is possible to create countless profiles and to attribute to each of them the rights desired.
  • Access restriction management

    Allows to define access rules for users depending on their group category, their balance account or a deadline.
  • Membership management

  • Pictogram

    Capability for each user to choose a time zone

    OpenFlyers interface allows each user to read directly the posted schedules according to the time zone selected.
  • Pictogram

    Capability for each user to choose the interface language

    The application is multilingual. This allows to adapt the interface according to the geographic situation of the customer-user and so to facilitate his integration into your structure.
  • Possible interfacing with a mailing list to automatically updates e-mail addresses

    The application can be interfaced with several types of mailing lists for synchronisation of e-mail adress. On top of this, OpenFlyers offers a free mailing list.
  • Concept of user groups

    Customers/users categorization by group allows to create some tarification and breakdown rules adapted, for example, for works council.
  • Facebook

  • Export user data

    Useful, for example, for marketing campaigns
  • Import and synchronization from external databases

    Allows to update user base and their validities from an external base either by import or synchronization.