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In a few words

OpenFlyers is a management software for aeronautics (flying club, helicopter club, transport company on request, etc.), but also for training organization, rental company, sailing club, driving school , OpenFlyers put at the disposal your structure an online booking schedule, complete monitoring of your accountancy with billing, generation of receipts, communication tools such as the automatic sending of emails or the generation of reports.


  • Janvier 04 2023
  • Avril 21 2021
  • Following a few changes to the settings, it is impossible to enter an "activity". I had succeeded in "planting" the site in operation despite the use of the "sandbox" to validate the modifications ...

    After digging through the forum I decided to send an "help" to OpenFlyers support on a Saturday afternoon.

    What was my surprise to have an answer on a Sunday morning.

    After a few exchanges the problem was resolved.

    Well done and thank you for this exceptional responsiveness outside of working days!

    Paul MIKOULINSKY - Aéro Club Des Navigants
    Décembre 01 2020
  • Finally, the Openflyers team is very reactive to our requests, whether they are specific or for simple details: in most cases, a question asked in the morning finds a solution the same evening! Our interlocutor is very competent and knows well the aeronautical world and its specificities.

    In conclusion, this software gives us complete satisfaction and we welcome the choice we made.

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    Lucien Deloire and Thierry Labarthe-Vacquier
    Louis Notteghem de Saint-Yan flying club
    Septembre 16 2019
  • It should be noted that in the context of the DTO (Declared Training Organization), the Aeroclubs must demonstrate data archiving, validation and the monitoring of reliable and sustainable training. The latest developments Openflyers will meet some of these constraints.

    Thanks for continuing the development of Openflyer with this state of mind.

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    Anne-Laure GALLOUX, Graulhet flying club
    Avril 11 2019
  • And also :

    • information about the structure of the database with consequent relative access to tables and data
    • the ability to create, use and exploit additional variables (business fields): as for example for the management of "solo-supervised flights" that I have set up in our database.
    • The principle of unformatted CSV exports and therefore very easily re-usable and adaptable
    • log management to check, in case of dispute, what was actually done by the user

    I wish you a good continuation in your company with OpenFlyers which, in my opinion, has been on the market as a reference in this field.

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    Gilbert LERCH, Franche-Comté flying club
    Mars 11 2019

Cloud computing makes your days lighter

  • No programming knowledge required
  • No maintenance
  • Your application is always up to date
  • Secure data
  • Access to your platform always and everywhere
  • Phone and e-mail support

OpenFlyers application is fully hosted on our servers. A development team updates the application, fixes bugs, creates new features following the principle of bonus development.


Livret de progression OpenFlyers OpenFlyers training booklet

At the request of client organisations using the OpenFlyers training booklet, we have just added the "summary table" functionality, which makes it possible to see at a glance a student's entire progress by training phase. This is an opportunity to present this training monitoring module.

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OpenFlyers à Poitiers du 22 au 24 mars 2024 OpenFlyers in Poitiers from 22 to 24 March 2024

OpenFlyers will be present at the Annual Assembly of the French Aeronautical Federation, to be held at the Futuroscope Convention Centre from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2024.

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