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Management software tailored to the price of ready-to-wear


Online selling

Soft sales module to sell all types of goods and services.

The OpenFlyers e-commerce module, which consists in a virtual shopping cart and can be associated with the different Electronic Payment Terminals proposed by the banks,  limits to the strict minimum entries and allows to check customers/users solvency.

Multiple electronic payment terminals

Several TPEs can be linked to an OpenFlyers platform. This feature allows for example to have a bank account for each type of activity.

For Business + and above subscriptions, interconnection is included. See all rates:

Related features
  • E-commerce integration

    E-commerce module is integrated transparently to OpenFlyers application offering a great integration flexibility to every kind of activity.
  • Cart

  • Interfacing with e-commerce payment systems option

    OpenFlyers can interface with most of the virtual POS systems proposed by the banks. We can develop, on request, new coupling.
  • PDF Invoices beta

    The structure decides of the layout.
  • Record of payments by users

  • Pictogram

    Automatic billing when booking alpha

  • Automatic billing when entering activities

    When registering or modifying an activity, such as flight time in aeronautics, entries are automatically generated.
  • Authorization and validity billing

    Allows to sell, for example, authorizations to use such or such resource.
  • Pictogram

    Submission of the booking validation to a prepayment

    Booking is accepted only if the customer account balance exceeds a certain level or impose a total or partial prepayment of the service or activity booked.
  • Account statement accessible by the user / customer

  • Customer loyalty tools alpha

    Discount coupons, loyalty cards