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Interfacing OpenFlyers and iFly Innovation

8 Fév 2017

Couple flight times captured in OpenFlyers with a progress log? It is now possible thanks to the OpenFlyers/iFly Innovation partnership. IFly Innovation offers an on-line digital progression booklet. This one is customizable to conform to the training program specific to each flying club. Thus, each flight entered in OpenFlyers is imported into iFly Innovation in order to fit into the course of the training.

Interfaçage OpenFlyers/iFly Innovation

Designed by an instructor with more than fifteen years of experience, iFly Innovation aims to meet the expectations of instructors in their daily practice. The instructor sets up exercises, evaluates the acquisition of skills, dispenses theoretical lessons.

IFly Innovation takes into account all these aspects of training, the organization of lessons (transfer, transfer from one exercise to a subsequent lesson, etc.) and presents synthesis tools through statistics.

The report of each lesson is digitally signed by the student and the instructor. This signature has legal validity and guarantees access to the examinations. The data are saved for 5 years, also for legal constraints.

IFly Innovation integrates all the qualifications that a pilot can claim: basic, LAPL, PPL, Night flight, Vault, UK, etc. OpenFlyers and iFly Innovation manage all types of aircraft: plane, ULM, glider, helicopter, etc. Thus, the whole field of aeroclub training is covered by the two applications, which interface in a totally transparent way for the end users, that is to say the pilots and the instructors.

On the administrator side, activation of the service is performed once and only via a web service, which OpenFlyers has set up for any structure that needs to retrieve flight data in a third party software:écupération-des-vols-par-un-logiciel-tiers

Interfacing OpenFlyers/iFly Innovation is done without surcharge on either side. Any subscriber can benefit from this service on request.