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Automatic entry of flights with Click & Take off

27 Aoû 2023

OpenFlyers now interfaces with the Click & Take off API to allow structures that so wish to automate the recovery of flight block data.

Interfaçage ClickAndTakeoff

Like the Charterware solution with which OpenFlyers has been interfacing since 2019, it is now possible to interface an OpenFlyers platform with the Click & Take off solution. This makes it possible to automatically bring up the departure, take-off, landing and arrival block times without having to ask the user to enter their flight themselves.

To get automatically the names of the pilot and possibly the instructor, a reservation for the period of the flight must have been made first.

When this is the case, the pilot has nothing more to enter and he finds himself billed automatically.

Documentation on the Click & Take off interfacing:

Click & Take off website: