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Full management of current records (customer and supplier billing, receipt and payment).

OpenFlyers offers a real accountancy engine which registers entries according to the double entry bookkeeping. Completely integrated to the other features, via the e-commerce module, the accountancy engine generates automatically the key entries, especially the ones related to the turnover, during the various entries (booking, validity purchase or activity entry).

It has an original interface to enter supplier’s invoice which registers the types of invoices.  Each subsequent entry is facilitated and can be delegated to persons without any accounting knowledge.

Inalterability of accounting entries

The accounting entries are guaranteed unalterable under a chained encryption system. Each write is encrypted according to the encryption of the previous write. It is generated at the same time as a seal. The seal is both stored in the database and sent with a payment receipt to the user who made the payment. So, the users of the platform take the place of trusted third parties, since one can compare the seals they have received with the seals registered in the base of the platform.

In this way, the OpenFlyers platforms comply with Article 286 of the French General Tax Code, which came into effect on January 1, 2018, requiring the guarantee of the inalterability, preservation and archiving of the accounting entries of any company with a cash register software.

The documentation on the inalterability of accounting entries is here :é#Inaltérabilité-des-données

Statements bills

It may be helpful to group invoices in a single PDF file, including sending them by email. This may be the case, for example, for a works council pay invoices for multiple users.

For this, you must go to Reports> Generic> Statements customer invoices. The associated form sets the list of desired bills. You can select invoices by simultaneously:

  • A period
  • A customer account
  • The types of flights
  • Types validities

Statements bills

This gives the list of invoices corresponding to the selection. It is then possible to withdraw clearing the bills, and then generate the PDF file or even to save this list in CSV format.

Statements bills

A single PDF file is created containing all the bills on a one invoice per page. It is then easy to send that statement attached invoices by email. Each invoice has implicitly marked "DUPLICATE" as accounting standards require the uniqueness of the bill (see previous page of this newsletter).

Statements bills

Related features
  • Double entry bookkeeping

    OpenFlyers database registers entries according to the double entry bookkeeping so as to facilitate exports and extractions.
  • E-commerce integration

    E-commerce module is integrated transparently to OpenFlyers application offering a great integration flexibility to every kind of activity.
  • PDF Invoices beta

    The structure decides of the layout.
  • Entering supplier invoices

  • Exports accounting under all formats

    It is possible to export account entries towards every kind of accounting format. If the format is not supported by the application, we can add it, on request.
  • Record of payments by users

  • Payments check and deposit slips edition

  • Open definition of payment methods

    Payment methods are defined by the structure. It can then choose between all the payment methods accepted proposed, and to create specific ones.
  • Billing formulas

    Free and total definition of billing formulas and of their application criteria, with the possibility to cumulate generating lines.
  • Pictogram

    Choice of currency symbol

  • Concept of user groups

    Customers/users categorization by group allows to create some tarification and breakdown rules adapted, for example, for works council.
  • Account statement accessible by the user / customer

  • Entering on the fly accounting entries

    Includes : multilines entries, resulting balance calculation and zero balance setting
  • Budgetary management alpha