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Report Generation

Report Library and Free Custom Report Creation

The report generation module allows you to directly extract all the information you want from the database and either view it directly online or export it in open formats. This second possibility makes it possible to take back the data and their formatting by means of external spreadsheets.

OpenFlyers provides its users with an extensive library of reports that meets the most common needs. These are generated through the graphical interface of the platform, without any knowledge of programming is required.

Sample reports

Most reports select data by period.

For example :

  • Number of flight hours per instructor for a given month and type of activity
  • Number of flying hours in instruction by user type
  • Payments cashed by type of settlement
  • List of users under 21 years old
  • Validities obtained since a given date

Aeronautical structures are required each year to record statistics representing their activity on Aeral, the civil aviation database. To facilitate this task, OpenFlyers has created the reports to simply obtain all the data needed to enter these statistics.

Report Management

The structure chooses from among all the reports available in the library, those that are useful to it. It is possible to assign these reports the status of favorite. Favorites are then displayed directly in the navigation menu for immediate access. Unselected library reports do not appear in the menu.

If a desired data extraction type is not present in the library, it is possible to create a custom report. This procedure requires some skills in terms of SQL language. Remember that the library provides the vast majority of reports useful structures and we are available to our customers to complete this library if necessary.

It is also possible to set the report access rights for each user profile.


General documentation on reports:

Documentation on Aeral statistics:

Related features
  • Create free forms for report generation

  • Creating fields / variables in report forms

    These fields can be fed by the database content (for example customer base)
  • Database access via SQL queries

    Database SQL engine is available, in read mode only, in order to extract in a standardised way all the data in base
  • Reports available for certain user groups

    Allows to make accessible some reports (read only) for some users category
  • Online viewing of reports as an HTML table

    Allows by a simple copy/paste operation to import a table in a spreadsheet or text processing programme.
  • Export reports as XML file

    Allows to take advantage of the tree structure of the XML format and to have a data hierarchization.
  • Export in PDF format with a page layout defined by the structure alpha

    The document layout is imported in OpenFlyers via an ODT file (OpenOffice).