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Move reservations with a single click

15 Sep 2023

With the aim of simplifying the updating of reservations, it is now possible for a user to move their own reservations on the planning to change the time and/or resource by simply dragging and dropping. The same goes for managers who thus save time in managing schedules.

Déplacer les réservations par simple clic

This new drag-and-drop possibility is active for any user who has reservation rights for themselves. In this case, he can only carry out this operation for the reservations which concern him.

Conversely, a manager which has the right to reserve for third parties can use this functionality for all reservations.

When a user moves a reservation, a pictogram (spinning wheel) appears at the top left of the moved reservation to symbolize the update in the database. When this update is effective, the pictogram is replaced for a few seconds by a green “check”.

The default setting does not provide for non-blocking alert display. These alerts are considered to have already been seen during the initial booking. However, it is possible to activate this display by going to Admin > Structure > Parameter > Planning, then activating the Display non-blocking alerts during drag-and-drop switch.

Documentation for this feature: