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E-mail alerts based on reserved activity type

22 Aoû 2018

OpenFlyers e-mail alerts transmit real-time bookings made to the managers of a structure. Being notified of each reservation could be an information overload and therefore a waste of time. It is now possible to receive alerts only for the desired activities.

Alertes e-mail en fonction de l’activité réservée

This feature is configurable on the light interface of OpenFlyers.

The definition of users who can choose to receive these alerts is by profile in Admin> Users > Profiles. In the Booking tab, check Notifiable for any reservation.

Then, it is each user concerned who defines the activities for which he wishes to be alerted by e-mail. He makes this configuration in his personal file: Planning > Data > Display and personal data. You must then go to the Receive an email for any booking having for activity.

This feature replaces, making them more flexible and universal, the features that allowed to be alerted:

  • for any reservation
  • either for fixed assets (which have become "maintenance" activities)

This can be particularly interesting for example in a flying club for activities such as baptisms.

The documentation is located on this page:éservations-ayant-pour-activité

Overview of alerts: