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Preparing a flight with OpenFlyers and Airmate

5 Jui 2018

Preparing for a flight is not just about booking an aircraft. It is also to study the route and, in the short term, to take knowledge of the meteorological conditions. OpenFlyers has an exclusive partnership with Airmate that allows it to interface with this free flight preparation solution. This allows us today to offer users the best of aeronautical booking and an innovative tool for planning and tracking flight.

Préparer un vol avec OpenFlyers et Airmate

From now on, with OpenFlyers 4, users can, when creating a reservation on OpenFlyers, transmit the booking information to Airmate: departure time, departure and arrival grounds.

Airmate generates the flight route according to the VFR and / or IFR reporting points. The user can add his own report points. VFR and IFR maps are free downloadable as well as AIRAC aeronautical databases. The visualization of the weather information for the flight is also available: TAF and METAR (raw or decoded), TEMSI, winds, visualization on satellite map.

To access flight planning information at any time from the OpenFlyers booking schedule:

Light interface:

Fly over the concerned reservation to bring up the contextual menu, then select the menu Prepare the flight ...égère)#Préparer-un-vol

Dynamic interface:

Make a simple click on the reservation concerned to display the tooltip and then click on the route button (blue circle with white dots and lines inside).éservation#Préparer-un-vol

Documentation about Airmate: