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OpenFlyers 20th anniversary: collect your gift in Clermont

21 Mar 2023

20 years already! To mark OpenFlyers steps' in a third decade, a gift awaits you on the OpenFlyers stand during the FFA General Assembly in Clermont-Ferrand this weekend from March 24 to 26, 2023.

20 ans cadeau AG FFA

OpenFlyers was formed at the end of 2002 on the initiative of Jean BOSSY, then president of the Marseille Provence flying club. He was looking for a solution to replace the reservation system of his flying club on Minitel.

In March 2003, the first version of OpenFlyers was set up with the Aéro-club de Marseille Provence and the Aéro-club de Bordaux as launch customers.

In 2008, OpenFlyers moved from the status of association to a private limited company in order to have the financial means to ensure its development, to pay developers and to be able to freely promote its product.

In 2023, OpenFlyers is doing well. An OpenFlyers Morocco entity has been created to welcome new developers based on the other side of the Mediterranean sea.

Projects continue to flow in all directions (app, aggregation of bank accounts, progression booklet, real-time GPS flight tracking, etc.).

The OpenFlyers ecosystem continues to develop based on an open API with an open communication module for access control also planned.

In addition, from the start, OpenFlyers has taken care to limit its carbon footprint by limiting as much as possible the amount of data stored on servers and sent to computers and smartphones.

Finally, the architecture of OpenFlyers and the internal rules are designed to ensure the transmission of knowledge and facilitate the appropriation of the code by new developers in order to guarantee the durability of the product.

This is how we thank the collaborators who have succeeded each other for 20 years at OpenFlyers who for an internship, who for volunteering, who for a job:

Patrick, Patrice, Jean, Stéphane, Lauréline, Mickaël, Guillaume, Johnny, Abir, Achref, Lan, Rémi, Thierry, Victor, Florian, Jean-Luc, Arnaud, Alexandre, Corentin, Paul, Ramata, Romain, Rkia, Romaric, Stéphane, Alexandre, Julien, Rithy, Jérémy, Romain, Benjamin, Thomas, Rida, Taha, Thomas, Baptiste, Alexandre, Carole, Enzo, Abdessamad, Clément, Laura, Julien, Lucas, Romain, Lydie, Nicolas, Soukaina, Amélie, Arthur, Baptiste, Clément, Elise, Guillaume, Damien, Radouane, Soufyane, Loubna, Antoine, Florent.

On behalf of OpenFlyers,
Christophe, Florent, Joel, Lucas