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External booking interface

17 Sep 2020

OpenFlyers now offers aeronautical structures a reservation module intended for external customers, ie the general public. This is to allow a person who has no connection with the structure to be able to make a reservation online in total autonomy. This is suitable, for example, for first flights, otherwise known as "discovery flights" for flying clubs or for one-off flights that may be offered by ULMs or on-demand flight companies.

Interface de réservations extérieures

The configuration of this functionality makes it possible to define the resources and pilots open to this activity.

As soon as the functionality is activated, the reservation act is extremely simple:
1. Choice of the desired niche among the available niches
2. Entering contact details
3. Receipt of an email to confirm the reservation
4. Editing of the coupon with all the useful information: day, time, name of the pilot, etc.

As soon as the reservation is confirmed, it appears on the internal reservation schedule. Like any other reserved slot, the structure has the option of modifying its content.

When confirming the external reservation, a user is automatically created by assigning him a specific profile. Thus, if this person wishes to make an external reservation again, it will already be registered. And if she wishes to become a member or regular client of the structure, then all you have to do is complete her file and modify her profile.

Documentation on the external reservation: