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Delete or deactivate validity types

12 Mai 2020

For more than a year, you have been able to create contract validities. It is actually a question, via the configuration interface of the types of validities, of creating validities with documents to be signed. Now, when the need to have a document signed is no longer required, there are 2 possibilities: either to deactivate the type of validity to keep the history of signatures, or to completely delete the type of validity, which makes the user lose 'historical. This choice is possible for all types of validity and not only contract validity.

Suppression ou désactivation des types de validités

As a reminder, to require the signing of a document upon connection, here is the procedure:

  • Admin > Users > Validity types
  • Click on the Add a validity type button
  • Fill in the Name field with the desired title
  • Check Contract
  • Click on Browse… to add an attachment corresponding to the document to be signed or drag the file directly to the Browse… button.
  • Click on the Save button

Then, as soon as a user logs in, including the administrator who has just created this contract validity, the signature of the document is required by OpenFlyers.

If this signature is not to be signed by certain profiles, this is defined in Admin > Users > Profiles plus, column Optional contracts.

When the document is no longer current:

  • Admin > Users > Validity types
  • Click on the Delete button, symbolized by a trash can, in the Actions column
    A new table is displayed with the list of users with validity or who have signed the "contract validity"

2 buttons are now present:

  • Deactivate which allows a type of validity to be made obsolete, in particular a contract validity, the signature of which will no longer be required on connection while retaining the history of the persons who held this validity or who signed the "contract validity".
  • Delete which allows to completely delete the type of validity and the corresponding validities held by users

Please note: the delete action is irreversible: the stored information is deleted.

In both cases, there are protections that prevent deactivating or deleting a type of validity that would be required by a resource or by a type of activity.