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Collaborative list of aerodromes

26 Fév 2020

The list of aerodromes available on OpenFlyers version 4 platforms can now be updated directly by end users. The OpenFlyers robot cross-checks the reporting of a missing aerodrome with the official ICAO and FFPLUM databases and, if necessary, adds the aerodrome to all platforms.

Liste collaborative des aérodromes

Until now, the list of aerodromes was created over 16 years ago. Over time, we added new aerodromes at the request of our customers. This task was tedious. This action is now in the hands of the end user when they enter an activity (= flight).

In OpenFlyers platforms, the list of aerodromes is used on the following pages:

  • Planning › Activities › input an activity
  • Planning › Flight preparation › Fields

To submit a new aerodrome:

  • Go to the takeoff airfield or landing airfield on the Planning › Activities ›  input an activity page.
  • Enter either the 4 letters of the ICAO code, or LFxxxx where xxxx corresponds to four digits.

After a delay allowing the robot to check if the reference exists in the ICAO and FFPULM bases, the new aerodrome is added.

Documentation is available at this address:és#Demander-l'ajout-d'un-aérodrome

We took advantage of this new function to simplify the structure of databases in version 4 so that the ICAO code appears directly in each database table that refers to an aerodrome. This allows the flight table to have information directly from the departure and arrival aerodromes without having to refer to another table.