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OpenFlyers Company

Not just servers, but also services...

Advertising on OpenFlyers platforms

Announcing your campaigns in OpenFlyers, you take advantage of his position as Leader in aviation media on the internet.

What are the advantages to communicate on OpenFlyers?

  • OpenFlyers generates more than 2 million pages per month.
  • Traffic on our web solution exceeds 150,000 visits per month and 50,000 unique visitors representing more than 75,000 hours per month.
  • Because of its mode of streaming on the web, it is possible to plan flexible dates and times according to your campaign communication needs (product launches, promotions, etc.).

How does it work?

  • Solo and First Price subscriptions have an advertising space, in the platform OpenFlyers available to them, where an advertising banner is broadcasted continuously.
  • This banner is positioned centered, on top of each page.
  • A single banner appears on each display of a page of the platform.


Fly'Media logotype

For any details about our advertising space, please contact directly our advertising agency:

Régie Fly' Media



Some examples of advertising banners