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Management software tailored to the price of ready-to-wear


Online Planning Schedule

The first development of OpenFlyers, which has made its success: online booking and planning consultation facilitate incredibly appointment booking for aircraft, driving school, sailing and water sports clubs booking.

An always available shared schedule 

All members of a structure make their reservations on a single schedule. This is available online, on desktop and tablet computer. The availability of 24h/24h , depending on the principle of cloud computing. Staff responsible for the planning of the management gains in availability since it reduces the time spent on management appointments.

Transparency in the management of resources

The schedule displays both material resources (aircraft, helicopter, boat, car, etc. ) and human (pilot, student, instructor, etc.). Users view seamlessly slots available for a given resource.


Waitlisting, major feature OpenFlyers, increases resource utilization rate. When a slot is already taken, no panic. The user who wishes to visit a niche created already booked his reservation on the line of waitlisting, doubling each line resource. If the first booking is canceled, the second user then takes place automatically. He receives an email to warn.

An innovative user experience

The OpenFlyers interface focuses on ergonomics. In addition to being adapted to tablets, it offers innovative management of reservations. This allows users to gain speed. The toolbox in particular allows both display the legend and quickly enter information for a reservation without masking the schedule.


Booking parameters

Email alerts

OpenFlyers emails inform real-time users of important events related to their platform : confirmation, edition and removal of a booking, negative balance alert, adding a user, password reset, etc. These emails colors OpenFlyers appear in the inbox as they comply with the procedures against spam. A management interface allows managers to check if the emails were actually reached the recipient.

Related features
  • Compatible with multi-media

    Conventional screen, smartphone, touchpad
  • Customizable planning display

    Each user may choose the resources he wants to display.
  • Ergonomics simple to add / modify / delete reservations

  • Reservations of any type of resource

    Based on a modular and universal conception, OpenFlyers allows to manage the planning of every kind of resources (vehicles, rooms, aircraft, windsurfing, boats, cars, etc.).
  • Limiting the duration of reservations

    Limitation of the minimum and / or maximum booking duration
  • Limitation of reservation within a period

    Allows to define the number of weeks during which bookings can be made.
  • Reservation number limitation

    Allows to define the maximum number of appointments that can be made by a user.
  • Pictogram


    Authorizes overbooking on several levels so as to allow users to get priority for booking when a desired time slot gets free. This functionality allows to optimize resource utilisation.
  • Trainers availabilities management

    Allows to display coaches, trainers, instructors, monitors or teachers planning and to restrain or not bookings outside availability periods.
  • By resource type management

    Allows to planify a resource fleet wear by attributing a number when bookings are done and so to let the manager decides on the resource attribution at the key remitance.
  • Pictogram

    Submission of the booking validation to a prepayment

    Booking is accepted only if the customer account balance exceeds a certain level or impose a total or partial prepayment of the service or activity booked.
  • Validities check on booking according to the resource type

  • Additional fields creation in the booking form

    In order to optimize OpenFlyers application flexibility to match the needs of each structure, as much fields as necessary can be added.
  • Pictogram

    Reminders and alerts by e-mail

    An e-mail is sent to the persons concerned by the booking and also to the persons which have a specific right when an add, a modification or a booking attribution is made in the case of overbooking.
  • Pictogram

    Warning and / or reminder by SMS option alpha

  • Pictogram

    Call center alpha

    Users/customers can take their appointment directly from our call center