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OpenFlyers includes a geolocation module enabled for aeronautics. It can be associated with the AeroBox, our tracking and registering product.

OpenFlyers Aircraft geolocation Our geolocation module has been especially designed for flight analysis. It offers flight path or cross sectional views from a simple browser. It is then easy to debrief and keep a flight made.

In association with the AeroBox, it unveils all its functionalities and permits to geolocalize an aircraft in real time.


The AeroBox is a wireless, mobile, autonomous box, “all-in-one”, for general aviation and aerial work.

The AeroBox serves safety, pedagogy, management and friendliness by sharing and tracking flights.

Each box is equipped with a GPS and a barometric altimeter, which determines its horizontal and vertical position

There is also an accelerometer that tracks the evolution of the load factor and a GSM-GPRS transmitter that sends data to the OpenFlyers AeroBox web servers for real-time rendering of the flight through the 3.0 OpenFlyers version.

Thanks to its transportability and its low overall dimensions, the AeroBox can be installed in any aircraft, without any maintenance cost. You can also pool the box on several aircraft.

There are several areas of use for the AeroBox:

  • Training: The AeroBox, associated with OpenFlyers 3.0 map server, is the best educational tool to deliver pilot trainees feedback after dual instruction or solo flights or simply to explore parts of the airfield traffic pattern.
  • Safety: Where is the aircraft? Where is the student? How high were we? The AeroBox answers to these questions.
  • Friendliness: Experience live events, air rallye, directly from the clubhouse!
  • Flight management: Block times are entered automatically in OpenFlyers in order to track flights.

Technical characteristics

Sensors:Aerobox picture

  • Accelerometer 3 axis +/-6g with 40Hz sampling frequency and recording of the maximum absolute value each second
  • GPS 12 channels SIRF III
  • Electronic pressure altimeter
  • Temperature sensor


  • GPRS Modem quad-band (controlled by 1 switch)
  • Bluetooth Link (controlled by 1 switch) for the transmission of GPS NMEA compatible with moving map software for PDA or PC
  • 2 USB ports (one port internal + one external port)
  • 1 RS-232 Port (DB-9 male)


  • Unforgeable recording of the flights stored in memory with additional saving on USB key (1.000 flight hours on a 1GB key)

Power supply:

  • 4 accumulator cells NiMH AA 2500 mAh provided
  • Photovoltaic panel to increase the autonomy of the batteries in use and to reload them in standby mode
  • External power-supply with a lighter socket or any other voltage by using an adapter


  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Weight: 700g
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 158 x 48 x 137mm
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)

Download the presentation.

Download the AeroBoxManager software.

Related features
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    Allows to display, from the OpenFlyers platform, positions transmitted via internet by a GPS, such as the AeroBox.
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