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What's up ?

Survey and creation of an aeronautical directory

6 Jui 2017

As you may have already noticed, we have added a search engine on our showcase site to make it easier for end-users to find the OpenFlyers platform of their structure ( Now, we want to go further by making this search engine a real aeronautical directory.

Sondage et création d’un annuaire aéronautique

Indeed, we regularly receive emails or calls from people wishing to have information to make a baptism, learn to fly, learning about a helicopter flight in the Alps, etc. On the strength of this observation, we said that there was a service to be put in place that could bring you new customers and that would not cost us much to conceive and to realize, time...

Thus, each structure will have a page listing the key information that concerns it. For example: website, telephone number, types of aircraft, etc. The data collected will also be used to customize the home page of the platforms, indicating the useful information of the structure.

In order to carry out this project, we would like to associate you, from its conception, by proposing to the managers to answer a few questions through a survey. These will help us know what kind of information you find useful.

Administrators will soon receive an email warning them that the survey is in place. They will be invited to connect to their OpenFlyers platform. A page will then offer them to answer a short questionnaire. This invitation will only be displayed for people with a management profile.

This survey will also be an opportunity to reveal a new tool that we want to put at your disposal and allow you to carry out your own surveys/questionnaires with your own users. This will allow you to discover the interface from the point of view of the end user.

We thank you in advance for the time you spend on it, perhaps in the water, on the edge of a taxiway or on the edge of a grass track. In any case, have a good summer!