Logs management

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The purpose of this page is to present log management on the release 4.

Reservations history

The form has the following fields:

  • Booking id (optional)
  • User login (optional)
  • Created between
  • and

The first 2 fields are optional: we can leave them empty in a first step.

Warning: the data must be entered in UTC.

Find who deleted a reservation

  • Fill in the fields Created between and and to frame closer the date and time the reservation was made. It is also possible to fill in the field User Login to restrict the results. If several results are displayed, then look in the list of results the data start_date and end_date that correspond to the reservation.
  • Once the reservation is identified, note its id: it is the number present in the column Value which corresponds to the line having as input "id" in the column Field and "booking" in the column Table. Normally, the query type is "INSERT" or "UPDATE" if there has been an update of the reservation.
  • Do a new search by filling in this field the Booking id with the number previously obtained and fill in the fields Created between and and on a sufficiently broad period.
  • The ID of the person who deleted the reservation will appear in the column Ident associated with the last action that should be "delete_book".