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Depending on the country, VAT may apply to all below mentioned prices. For customers from the EU (France excluded), this mention does not apply provided they can communicate their EU VAT number.


OpenFlyers model

Business model

The business model of OpenFlyers is SaaS (= Software as a Service), Also referred to as "cloud computing". That is to say that we provide an application service via internet for which we charge an annual subscription.

The advantages of this system for end customers are:

  • Software maintenance is remotely and does not require the visit by a technician. This leads to faster fixes to the application;
  • development costs are shared between different customers;
  • we assure ourselves data continuity by daily backups on multiple servers in different places and this 20-day rolling.

In addition, OpenFlyers exists in several versions, some of which are available for download. You can find more info on our free support.

Application model

The software components used to develop our application are all open source (including PHP and MySQL).

OpenFlyers software, owned by the SARL OpenFlyers, is licensed under semi-free: it can be installed and used for the needs of an aircraft structure but it can not be marketed by a third party company without licensing (even at the request of one client) or deployed subsidiaries for a commercial structure or not.

What do we need to run OpenFlyers?

Just have a computer with internet access and a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. No installation is required on the computer.


are data stored adequately protected?

We endeavor to implement the various recommendations concerning the management of servers to prevent any intrusion.

In addition, we have several servers located in several places on the planet.

Each night, all the servers back up their databases and send them to all other servers.

These backups are stored by rolling over a fortnight.

How to access to our database?

You can any time retrieve the contents of your database by going to Admin > Configuration > SQL Export SQL > Complete

Can we have an access like "phpMyAdmin" to our database?

You have read access to the database via export but also by generating reports.

The structure of the database is documented here: http://doc-en.openflyers.com/index.php?title=Database_specification

However, we refuse to give you write access to the database. Because we need to ensure the integrity of the database for yourself, for your users but also for third parties, or the authorities.

However, if you need to change an entry in the database, we can act on your request by e-mail or mail. This is billed according to its complexity (see catalog price).

Can we import our old database external OF 1.3.x when going into production on OpenFlyers hosted solution?

Yes, it is fully possible to take back your old database OF 1.3.x.

The cost is from 50€/hour, the actual time is determined when importing. You must send a complete export of the SQL database from your old platform.

You must first you have created a client platform, then you report us your created platform name for the import.

You must then create the invoice(s) (depending on the subscription chosen) on your ClientManager

You pay the bills for migrating your database, your subscription and possibly migrating your platform version 2.1 to 3.0

Then, the ideal is to set an appointment, for example, 2012-XX-XX at 9 am. Then, on that date:

  • you block your old OF platform access on the D-Day at 9:00;
  • next, you send us the database;
  • we move immediately upon receipt of your database to version 2.1 (or version 3.0) on our servers;
  • once that is done, we send you an e-mail;
  • you implement on your server-side a redirection to the new OF URL.

It takes about two hours maximum to complete migration (following the difficulties we meet with your database).

Operations of export / import are synchronized and the service interruption is as short as possible.

OpenFlyers customer account

How to access to our customer account?

The ident to access to your client account is the name of your OpenFlyers space.

Here is an example, if your platform address is:


Then, your OpenFlyers space name is startfleet.

You have to use startfleet as ident to connect yourself to the [client account]

If you have no password, you can reactivate it using the function lost password? on the ident page

An email address will be asked to you, you may input your structure e-mail address or the contact e-mail address which should have been set in your contact file. (these are e-mails which are sent to our e-mail alerts or renewal information).

For the First-Price membership, in order not to be overwhelmed by requests, we will charge the manual reset, by us, of the password or the update of e-mail addresses present on the customer file (cf . the catalog price).

How to change elements of the customer file?

How to renew our membership?

In order to pay your membership fee, you have to:

  1. connect to your client account.
  2. create your bill according to your membership choice. (You'll find more information on our catalog price)
  3. Then, you may pay by bank card (the most suitable choice) or wire transfer (in this case you must deal with the totality of the costs of transfer)

Change in number of resources at renewal

Upon renewal, the minimum number of resources available in the interface subscription renewal, is the number of activated resources in the OpenFlyers platform.

If you want to increase the number of resources for the following year, just change the default value.

If you want to reduce the number of resources for the next year, you must disable the resource in the OpenFlyers platform so that the default number decreases.

We renewed our subscription and we still have a warning regarding the membership

The alert message Your fee has expired corresponds to a message related to the configuration of the OpenFlyers platform. It means that the user logging has not updated its own membership.

In all cases, the referent administrator (the one whose e-mail address must appear on the homepage of OpenFlyers platform) keeps all his rights.

Resource number change during the year and subscription update

The OpenFlyers subscription is in most cases (except subscription "private jet") calculated based on the number of desired resources. The number is determined for the entire calendar year.

If you add a resource during the year, you must request an invoice corresponding to a new resource. The rate applied will be the one for the full year.

If you remove a resource during the year, there is no change subscription since the resource is taken for the whole year.

On the other side, if there is a replacement resource, then there is no need to pay a new subscription for the new resource: just off the old resource before activating the new one.

Real and virtal resources Billing

From OpenFlyers release 2.1, only resources that generate revenue for the structure are integrated into the client subscription. Thus, the classrooms are not included in the calculation of the subscription. To enable OpenFlyers to make the difference between a "real" resource and a "virtual" one, just uncheck "real resource" at the line associated with the resource (Admin > Fleet > Aircraft, real aircraft column).

We created a test platform, how to go into production?

To go into production, just run billing in your OpenFlyers customer account.

You will find more details in How to renew our membership.

receive the package configuration, do not forget to check the box provided for this purpose.

Be careful: if you want the setting package, do not forget to check the box provided for this purpose.

Note that going into production does not impact the database: all data entered (excluding bookings that may be removed during the test period) remain present.

If you want to delete the data captured during the test period before going into production, you can do this in two ways:

  • you create a new platform and you set it identically to the first one. Then you go into production on this new platform.


  • you ask us by e-mail the deletion of entries corresponding to entry types that you no longer want once in production: thus you will not need to set a new platform. You can find the cost of this deletion in the catalog price Account entries and flights reset. Please note that this service is included in the Premiere and Corporate Jet membership.

How works the setting package?

We offer you a setting package that allows you to avoid spending time in setup. So you benefit a "first-rate" setting specially prepared by us through our extensive knowledge of the constraints that are yours.

This package includes all the OpenFlyers configuration including import of users as long as you provide us data in the form of a computer file (csv, open office, excel, etc..) And in particular:

  • the configuration of flight time count;
  • accounting configuration with the creation of accounting codes (as long as you also provide data in electronic format);
  • configuration pricing module;
  • configuration of qualifications;
  • the implementation of our reports among those published.

If you subscribe for a "First Price" membership, you can find the setting package rate in our catalog price. For other subscriptions, the setting package is included.

The procedure for benefit of the setting package is as follows:

  1. In case you're running OpenFlyers version 1.3.x, you must first ask us to migrate your platform in version 2.1 and tell us you want the package configuration.
  2. According to the membership, we create the invoices then you pay them.
  3. You must subscribe to the last OpenFlyers membership rates.
  4. Once the generated invoices are paid (this can be immediate, paying by credit card) you send us an e-mail to let us know and we send you by return e-mail a questionnaire.
  5. Once you have completed the questionnaire (and attach appropriate file containing the list of users) it takes two weeks to the implementation of initial setup.
  6. This setting will be followed by validation by you (in general adjustments are necessary). We'll send you an e-mail asking you to kindly confirm that the setup is completed to your expectations. A failure to reply within one month, we will consider the setting made is right.
  7. Once you have completed the validation of parameters, we can proceed with your request and at no extra cost, a complete removal of the account entries which have been filled for the test setup.

We have subscribed a First Price membership - Can we buy a setting package at any time?

Yes, indeed. It may be that the setup of your platform is complex, or you run out of time to configure it. You can always opt for our setting package. You can find the rate in our catalog price.

However, in this case, we restart from a clean database to not waste our time correcting (and understanding) the initial setup done.

We have subscribed a First Price membership - Can we switch during the year to a business membership?

Yes, you can always switch to a subscription business. You just need to ask us for that. Then We create the invoice for the difference of rates. You can then pay the invoice from your Client Manager.

We subscribe during the year - How much we will have to pay?

For the first year of subscription, the price is prorated by the number of calendar days between the date of the order and the thirty-one (31) December of the calendar year see our general terms.

Has First Price membership an HTTPS connexion included?

No, the First Price membership does not involve an HTTPS connexion. This connexion can be applied in option (renewable each year) according to the current rate in our catalog price. First Price access over the HTTPS option is the same level as the Business included with HTTPS (256 bit).

OpenFlyers Plateform

How to create a plateform?

Go to www.openflyers.com and then clic on the top left "free trial"

After filling the form and following the link on the automatic e-mail confirmation request, you will have a whole access to your automatically created test platform.

This procedure is free and you can stay in test as long as you want.

Then you will have to go into production by taking advantage if you wish of the setting package.

Unable to access to our OpenFlyers platform after creation

Be careful! do not confuse the username / password that allows access to your OpenFlyers customer with the Client Manager, and the username / password that allows access to the platform OpenFlyers.

  • The username / password to access your OpenFlyers customer account have been chosen by you.
  • The username / password to access your OpenFlyers platform, immediately after creation, is admin / admin. You are welcome to change it as soon as possible.

We already have a platform OpenFlyers version 1.3.x and we would like to test version 2

What are the alternatives?

either you are migrating directly from version 1.3.x to version 2.1

We recommend this solution (it is even compulsory in the case of a setting package)

  • benefits:
  • Your users will get used to the new interface without having activate for them the new features
  • You set easily from one database to update the elements
  • disadvantages:
  • you pay on the pricing of 2.1
  • you are less free because you are working on a database in production (but you can overcome this disadvantage by working in parallel on another test database)

To perform this migration, simply send an e-mail to the OpenFlyers team. Note, we will generate a new hosting bill corresponding to the differential pricing between version 1 and version 2.

either you create a new platform that will serve as a test platform

  • benefits:
  • you are free to set the platform safely
  • you do not pay the difference cost between version 1.3.x and version 2.1 while testing
  • disadvantages:
  • when you migrate your production platform, you must repeat the entire parameter process

To do this, simply follow the steps to create a platform.

Then, when you want to migrate from version 1.3.x to version 2.1 (go into production on version 2.1), here's what to do:

  • send us an e-mail migration request

Then we will make the following actions:

  • migration of the database on 1.3.x to 2.1
  • change the link for your address openflyers.com/somename for example from 1.3.x to 2.1

Then you must change the settings of the new 2.1 (eg those by taking your test version)

Once that is done, you will tell us and we will remove the 2.1 former database

Thereafter, we charge each application migration database (see catalog price).

Setting package

Do not forget that we propose the OpenFlyers setting package.

What is the timeframe to migrate a database?

It takes one week, but on average it's done within 24 hours

How is the migration to a higher version?

  1. You must have read the consequences of migration and accept that it is irreversible
  2. You have to make the request by e-mail
  3. Then we create invoices related to migration and setting package for your account(see catalog price)
  4. You pay
  5. Then we do the migration
  6. You can then create the invoice in your platform corresponding to the difference in fare between the earlier and the new version
  7. You make the payment of this invoice
  8. The alert message on the home page disappears
  9. If you subscribed to the setting package or it is included in your subscription, we send you a questionnaire for the setting.

What are the consequences of migration?

  • Any migration is irreversible: we do not create script to revert to an earlier version
  • Be careful especially to migrate to a version "alpha" or "beta": indeed, a migration to this version implies that you accept to work on a version that is constantly evolving. In addition to bug fixes, we regularly add to the beta release, new features that can create new anomalies. Of course, we fix as soon as we became aware of a problem (especially using the BTS to report defaults). This is thanks to the volunteers to work on customers beta version that we can enhance the product.
  • After a migration, it may be necessary to force the refresh of "cache" of the browser by pressing CTRL + R (or icon "Update" or "Refresh" across browsers) to force the browser to load into memory scripts that match the new version.
  • If you migrate to a version which has a price difference compared to the previous version, you will get a message warning you that you are on a test version. This message will be removed as soon as you will have create and pay the bill for the fare difference. This message does not prevent the normal use of the application.

The configuration of version 2 is puzzling (setting billing, accounting, counting time of flight), how to manage that?

If you want to use quickly in production version 2.1 (eg ideally on the occasion of a new fiscal year, ie January 1), and want to have a functional setup quickly without having to devote hours to understand, test, and probably miss some "niceties", then know that we have established a "setting package".

This package also applies for a customer using version 1.3.x and we want to migrate without waiting to version 2.1 using all its features (accounts and pilot flight hours).

We have a version 2.1 in testing

but we would start all over again, how?

You register again with a new name

Can we keep the configuration of version 2.1 and only migrate the 1.3.x reservations?

No, it is not possible because the contents would have evolved differently.

Here is what to do:

  • request via e-mail to migrate from 1.3.x to 2.1 and thus to be in production on 2.1 (this is transparent to users: inly the interface changes them as the administrator will not give them additional rights)
  • recopy the configuration made on the 2.1 test plaform on the migrated 2.1 release
  • send us a new e-mail to say that we can remove the old 2.1 in test

Tracking solutions

Does OpenFlyers provide a world wide tracking solution for Jet plane?

Tracking needs 2 kind of solutions:

  • A software solution
  • An hardware solution installed in the Jet plane.

Our core business is software development and we provide a solution which is able to do flight time computations and even more like booking (before flight) and pricing (after flight).

We propose different memberships for professionals according to their needs and their size.

For jet activity, a Première or Corporate Jet are the most suitable.

The price for Première is: 540€/year + 540€/year * number of resources

Example with 5 aircraft to manage: 3240€/year

If you have more than 9 aircraft to manage, the Corporate Jet membership is more interesting: 5400€/year with no resource limit but 1 aviation base.

This is for the software.

For the hardware (flight tracking solution). The solution depends of your needs.

GSM hardware solution

We propose a solution called AeroBox which works with the GSM network all over the world but "generally" only on ground: flight times are transmitted after the flight. It's sufficient for transmitting the OOOI data.

The price of the AeroBox is 990€.

You have to put inside the AeroBox a SIM card and therefore to take a SIM card membership with a M2M supplier. The price depends of the country coverage and the amount of data transmitted. We can help to look for a suitable supplier.

The AeroBox benefit is that is doesn't need a mechanic intervention: it's totally independent of the aircraft. The counterpart is that tests have to be done to check if the GPS signal from satellites is strong enough inside the aircraft for AeroBox.

Note: GSM hardware solution may also works in flight (or after push-back/engine start) but some local regulations or operators prohibit GSM transmission after engine start or in flight. Additionally for in flight GSM transmission, the airplane must be at a low level (below 3000ft to 5000ft in most countries with directional GSM antennas on ground) and over a GSM network.

Satellite hardware solution

OpenFlyers does not provide directly a satellite data transmission solution but is able to interface with. 2 main types of solutions exist:

  • Aircraft independent solution: like for the AeroBox the benefit is installation easiness, the disadvantage is the ability to capture the GPS signal
  • Aircraft mounted solution: the advantage is that antenna are located outside of the aircraft and therefore there is no signal capture and transmission trouble. The disadvantage is the cost of this kind of solution that imply an aeronautical certification.

OpenFlyers can be connected to servers of solutions providing a third part reading access to their data.

ACARS hardware solution

If the Jet plane is equipped with ACARS system, OpenFlyers can be connected to servers of the Datalink service provider.


What are the technical support?

There are so far three support types:

  • support-forum accessible from our website http://www.openflyers.com then the tab "Support"
  • Support by e-mail restricted to "Business" and higher membership.

How to create a access to the support-forum?

  1. Go to website http://www.openflyers.com
  2. Click on Support
  3. Click on Access to the forum
  4. Click on Log in at the right of Go to: Search
  5. Click on Not Registered? Click here to register now.
  6. Fill the form Create A New Profile
  7. Activate the account through the e-mail automatically sent as soon as the profile is created

If you do not receive an e-mail to confirm the creation of the account, verify that the e-mail has not been classified as spam. If you can not find a trace, you can send us an e-mail to confirm account creation. But beware: if you do not receive an e-mail it means that you do not receive e-mail notifying you of the new message which you have participated son.

E-mails sent to OpenFlyers are returned in error

When sending your messages, you had an error message in return.

The problem may come from the authentication SPF we have implemented.

Thus, if the OpenFlyers server refuses unauthenticated e-mails coming from a domain name as smtp.some-de-domaine.com for lack of SPF, you must add a TXT record in the server manager concerned with the line control: v = spf1 include: _spf.nom de domaine.com ~ all.