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We use a tool named "Bug Tracking System" to... track the bugs!

First, you need to be logged on in order to view and edit bug reports.

After an account creation, an email is automatically and instantaneously sent. If you do not receive this message, check that it has not been parked as a spam-mail or destroyed (in the trash directory) by an anti-spam tool that manages your mail box. At last, if you do not find the message, send us an email to ask for a manual account activation. Do not forget to specify your ident used at the account creation.

How-to report a bug?

Before reporting a bug, spend some time doing these actions:

  • Check that there no report on the same bug.
  • In the report form, describe all the fields in order to avoid a bad report dispatching.
  • Choose the right category:
Title Description
Admin About configuration or administration
Booking About reservations
Flights Management About flight management
Accounting Management About accountancy
Documentation About anything dealing with the documentation
Update About the update tool
Translation About a bad translation in any langage
  • Choose the right OpenFlyers Product Version where you got the bug. The release number is written on the left-down part of the OpenFlyers login page.
    • 1.3.x
    • 2.0
    • 2.1beta
  • Summary:
 Write an explicit summary
  • Description:
  • If the bug is on an online release, write the name of the client space.
  • If the bug is on a local release, report the state of your database. You may proceed to database export in a state the bug is visible.
The description should be complete in order to give the capability to developers to identify the location of the trouble.
  • The "real" description of the trouble and how it appears (non display, warning, etc.).
  • Which actions do you perform to get the bug
  • Joining a screen snapshot is sometime more explicit thant a long description. Do not overuse!, we do not try to overload a report in order to delay the correcting actions but just to give explications to developers.
  • Use notes to add informations. Avoid emails exchange beside bug reports.
  • Once the bug is corrected, you will receive an advising email:
  • Please, feel free to confirm the right correction by stating the bug report to close.
  • If you see that the correction is not ok with your description (completely or partially), re-open the report by changing is state.
  • On the other hand, if you detect a new bug, so create a new report!
The the bug report closing should be performed by the reporting person.
If there is no action while a reasonable time, the developer or a manager will close it.

Status description and resolution level


Title Description Who should set this status
new new bug, initial status bug reporter
feedback bug report needs more informations, bug reporter should deal with that a manager or a developer
acknowledged bug has been read but is not assigned nor corrected a manager or the developer dealing with the bug
confirmed bug is confirmed and reproducible a manager or a developer
assigned bug is assigned to a developer a manager or the developer that will take care about the bug
resolved the bug should be fixed, waiting confirmation by the bug reporter the developer who fixed the bug
closed the bug report is closed the initial reporter or a manager who confirmed the bug


Title Description
open bug opened in the waiting list
fixed bug fixed according to the responsible developer
reopened bug still alive after fixing action
unable to reproduce the reported bug is not reproducible
not fixable no solution to fix the bug
duplicate the bug has already been reported in the BTS
no change required it's not a bug
suspended bug is parked
won't fix bug is confirmed but will not be fixed

How-to close a report?

Once a report is set to "resolved" the way to close it is the following:

  • click on the "re-open" button
  • then, set it to "close"

Bugs management in the BTS (for developers and managers)

  • Once a bug is fixed, you should take care to set it at this status in the fixing release
  • The closing status should be set by the bug reporter
  • If no action of the bug reporter during a reasonable time, a manager will close it.

Follow the bug reports!

Web standards compliance

We are committed to comply with web standards including the standard XHTML 1.0 Strict.

To verify the compliance of a page, there are several tools.

Here's how to use the one provided by the W3C:

  • View your page using a browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer)
  • Save the page alone on your hard drive
  • Go the W3C validator
  • Upload the file saved on the hard disk
  • Check the result