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AeroBox configuration

AeroBox configuration file is stored on the USB stick located within the AeroBox.

You should find the AeroboxManager software in the USB stick or you may download it from the aerobox page presentation. Then you have to install it on your computer.

To customize the AeroBox, you need to connect this USB stick to your computer (under windows operating system).

When you start the software, you will get a menu with following items:

  • Clé USB
  • Bibliothèque des vols
  • Autre répertoire

Choose the first item "Clé USB" (USB key). Then you got another menu with:

  • Dépouillement d'un vol
  • Programmation de base de l'Aérobox
  • Programmation avancée de l'Aérobox
  • Statistiques sur les vols du répertoire

SIM card configuration

Choose the item "Programmation avancée de l'Aérobox". Then on the next menu choose "Paramétrage de la carte SIM".

Then you got another menu with the fields:

  • Opérateur
  • APN
  • Login
  • Password
  • Code PIN

Once you have fill the fields (see bellow) do not forget to click on "VALIDER" button.

SIM card provider

If the SIM card provider is among following french providers:

  • Bouygues
  • Orange
  • SFR

You just have to select the right one in the "Opérateur" selector.

Otherwise, you have to select "Personalisé" in the "Opérateur" selector and to fill the APN, Login and Password.

Various APN

  • free : APN: "free", login: "", password: ""

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

The SIM card provider should have given you a PIN code. Fill the "Code PIN" field with it.

If you want to change it from the SIM card, you just have to put the card in a mobile phone and to use the interface of the mobile phone to update it.

Frequency configuration

Choose the item "Programmation de base de l'Aérobox".

On the next page, you see 3 fields:

  1. The first field is unused
  2. "Intervalle de rafraîchissement sur le site internet"
  3. "Intervalle de mesure de la position GPS"

The second field enables you to set the interval time between two items of data to OpenFlyers server (and so the refresh interval time on the RadarWeb page). We do not recommend to set "5s" because of the data size saturation due to the GSM network.

The third field enables you to set the interval time between two GPS position record in memory and in the USB stick.

Do not forget to click on the "Enregistrer" button to save configuration.

Data sending process throw GSM network

If the GSM swith is ON, the AeroBox will try to find a GSM network.

Once the the connexion is established, the "GSM" led lights every X seconds according to the "Intervalle de rafraîchissement sur le site internet" field configuration.

The AeroBox will send all positions stored in memory since last sending process.

Example: if the AeroBox send a data every 20 seconds and the recording interval time is set to 10 seconds, then the AeroBox will send the last 2 positions.

When the AeroBox is unable to send a position due to a GSM lack of coverage or data saturation on the network, it will try again until it successes.