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Manage specific accountancy for subsidized members

problem description

  • Among your members, some of them come from a specific organisation which support them. This support (or allocation) is given either before or after spends are done. So, you want that OF knows their subvention.
  • Moreover, you want that OF alerts them when their expenses are below a level (like for other members)


Subvention is known before the expenses are done and independent of the flights

  • create a specific club account, for example: "supporter"
  • add a transfer between this account and the member account according to the support amount.

That's all! Doing that, supported members will have their account credited according to the subvention and thus, when the expenses will be greater to the credit amount, the balance will be negative.

Subvention depends of the flight time

  • define a specific pool for these members (for example: "supported")
  • set these members to this group (and only this group)
  • define a specific club account (for example: "subvention")
  • go to the "Accounts/Pricing/Flight hours pricing" page and add a line:
    • name: "support distribution"
    • formula: max((sumFlightHour(%PILOT,position,day,aircraftType1,aircraftType2,etc)+%DURATION-X),0)*$price


      • position should be set to null (=any position), 0(=left) or 1(=right)
      • day: day number to take in account
      • aircraftType1,etc: to restrict the flights from specific aircraft types (aircraft type id are shown in the aircraft type list)
      • X:replace by the limit supported flight time (in sexacentimal)
      • $price: variable name defined and set in "Account/pricing/variables setting" and "Account/pricing/values setting"
    • Left account:member account
    • transaction direction: from right account to left account
    • right account:club account ("subvention")
    • affected pool: "supported"
    • other items: like other lines
  • You have to add one line like this one for each different price

Doing that enable the club:

  • to regroup supported bill in one account
  • to have a right member account balance according to his real subvention (and when his flight time is greater than the allocated subvention, to have a debit)