Accounting export template Fec

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This page described the accounting export template EBP 2012.

Output file description

  • Encoding charset: UTF-8
  • Field character separator: |
  • End line separator: \n
  • Fields:
Name OpenFlyers filling
JournalCode OpenFlyers export code
JournalLib General journal
EcritureNum OpenFlyers flow ID
EcritureDate OpenFlyers account entry date
CompteNum First 3 numbers of the account
CompteLib OpenFLyers account label
CompAuxNum Empty
CompAuxLib Empty
PieceRef OpenFlyers bill id
PieceDate OpenFlyers account entry date
EcritureLib OpenFlyers account entry description
Debit OpenFlyers Debit
Credit OpenFlyers Credit
EcritureLet Empty
DateLet Empty
ValidDate OpenFlyers validation date
Montantdevise Empty
Idevise Empty

Example of output file

VEN|Journal des ventes|9574|20190701|411|411claratte|||56|20190701|Heures de vol|200,00|0,00|||20190702||
VEN|Journal des ventes|9574|20190701|706|70611|||||Heures de vol|0,00|200,00|||20190702||