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Mailman mailing-list for OpenFlyers customers

You may benefit from our mailing-list solution which is coupled with your OpenFlyers space. For doing that, you should:

  • send us an e-mail asking the creation of such mailing-list. It will be named
  • we will create this list and send you a notification by e-mail answer
  • you should then fill its name (for example flying_club_name-ml) in OpenFlyers and set "hostedMailman" as mailing list type
  • You will be able to manage your mailing list via this address: by replacing flying_club_name by the right name
  • In the mailman interface, you'll be able to define some parameters like:
    • default language
    • inscription notification for new members
    • allowed e-mails according to the sender type

Mailing-list configuration

In the mailman interface, you will be able to define some parameters such as :

  • the language (Language options). The default language is English, which appears in the drop-down menu. If you want to use another language you must before import it in the drop-down menu. Check the language you want to use then on Submit Your Changes. Select then the language in the drop-dow menu and click on Submit Your Changes again. The interface is now in the language you wanted to.
  • subscription notification to the mailing list for new members
  • authorisations for distributing e-mails on the list

Please let us know about every configuration element so as we can mention it here to help other club administrators

Documentation concerning mailman is available here :

How to not get your archive files becoming public

  • Go to Archiving options
  • Archive messages? select No
  • Is archive file source for public or private archival? select private