Admin sale manager

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  • Go to Admin interface.
  • Menu Settings > Parameters, activate Account management if it's not already done.
  • Menu Users > Profiles, go to part Stocks manager. Check the three rights for the person who is going to manage the back-office.
  • Menu Users > Profiles, go to part Sales manager. Check the right Sales for all for the person who is going to manage the back-office. Check the right Purchase free sales for the customer, it tells if the profile can access or not to the shop.
  • Menu Stocks > Stock types : Create a stock type. For example Ring binder with the following unit : none and the following scale : 0. Another one called Fuel with unit : l and scale : 1 which means : I sell litres of fuel but half-littres too.
  • Menu Stocks > Stocks : Create at least one stock. For example Red ring binder and Green ring binder affected to Ring binder type.
  • Menu Stocks > Stock level : Useless at the moment, it's to do inventory.
  • Menu Stocks > Stock variation : Forget this part.
  • Menu Sales > Sale type : Create a sale type. For example Pack of ring binder and check Free sale. If the customer has the right Purchase free sales, he could purchase this sale type otherwise it won't be visible for him.
  • Menu Sales > Stocks to sell : Where you can link stocks previously created with sale types. For example you will link into Pack of ring binder, 2 red ring binder and 1 green ring binder. You succesfully create a production into your shop !
  • Menu Sales > Sales pricing : Here, you set pricing for all your sale types.

Now you have completely set your sale manager.

An admin can view all movements linked to the sale manager by going to Account > Movements and in this page, he can go to user cart to see awaiting purchases. He can't cancel or validate those movements.