Accounting export template list

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Format JSON template Output filename (xxx = format date AAAAMMJJ) Field separator
CEGID - ECREXCEL exportCegidEcrexcel.json "ecrexcel.csv" ;
CEGID - ECREXCEL - 6 exportCegidEcrexcel6.json "ecrexcel.csv" ;
Ciel Rimport exportCiel-RImport.json "xImport_xxx.txt" Tab
Ciel Ximport exportCiel-XImport.json "xImport_xxx.txt" None
CSV Debit Credit with comma exportCsvDebitCreditWithCommaDecimal.json "Accountancy_xxx.csv" ;
CSV Debit Credit with point exportCsvDebitCreditWithPointDecimal.json "Accountancy_xxx.csv" ;
CSV with comma exportCsvWithCommaDecimal.json "Accountancy_xxx.csv" ;
CSV with point exportCsvWithPointDecimal.json "Accountancy_xxx.csv" ;
EBP exportEbp.json "Ecriture_xxx.txt" ,
EBP 2010 exportEbp2010.json "Ecriture_xxx.txt" ,
EBP 2012 exportEbp2012.json "Ecriture_xxx.txt" ,
FEC exportFec.json "SirenFecDate.txt" ,
Inforce inforce.json "Comptt01.inf" ;
Oxygène oxygene.json "oxygene.csv" ;
Quadratus exportQuadratus.json
SAGE exportSage.json "Import_xxx.pnm"
SAGE COALA exportSageCoala.json "xxx.csv" ;