Accounting export template Ebp

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This page described the accounting export template EBP.

Output file description

  • Encoding charset: cp850
  • Field character separator: ,
  • Fields:
Name Length (in character) Description
Flow number 5 Filled with prepended spaces to match length
Date 8 Format is DDMMYYYY
Export code
Export account 15 Filled with appended spaces to match length and character , is removed
Description 40 Filled with appended spaces to match length then escaped with character "
15 15 spaces escaped with character "
Amount 13 Number with 2 digits after the decimal separator and prepended with zeros to match length
Character C or D C for credit, D for debit
Date Format is DDMMYYYY

Example of output file

   67,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote CHRISTIAN CHRISTIAN              ","               ",0000000099.00,D,01012014,
   67,01012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000099.00,C,01012014,
   69,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote l‚onore LONORE                ","               ",0000000051.00,D,01012014,
   69,01012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000051.00,C,01012014,
   71,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Nadine NADINE                    ","               ",0000000051.00,D,01012014,
   71,01012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000051.00,C,01012014,
   73,02012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote l‚onore LONORE                ","               ",0000000408.00,D,02012014,
   73,02012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000408.00,C,02012014,
   75,03012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Christophe LARATTE               ","               ",0000000099.00,D,03012014,
   75,03012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000099.00,C,03012014,
   77,03012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Marie-France MARIE-FRANCE        ","               ",0000000124.00,D,03012014,
   77,03012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000124.00,C,03012014,
   79,05012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Erwan ERWAN                      ","               ",0000000099.00,D,05012014,
   79,05012014,VT,706BVOI        ,,"Solo FBVOI                              ","               ",0000000099.00,C,05012014,
  343,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Susie SUSIE                      ","               ",0000000159.00,D,01012014,
  343,01012014,VT,706GNNB        ,,"Solo FGNNB                              ","               ",0000000159.00,C,01012014,
  459,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Thomas THOMAS                    ","               ",0000000138.00,D,01012014,
  459,01012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000138.00,C,01012014,
  461,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote firstTest4 lastTest4             ","               ",0000000110.00,D,01012014,
  461,01012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000110.00,C,01012014,
  463,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Thomas THOMAS                    ","               ",0000000069.00,D,01012014,
  463,01012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000069.00,C,01012014,
  465,01012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Richard RICHARD                  ","               ",0000000207.00,D,01012014,
  465,01012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000207.00,C,01012014,
  467,02012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote Briac BRIAC                      ","               ",0000000345.00,D,02012014,
  467,02012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000345.00,C,02012014,
  469,03012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote firstTest5 lastTest5             ","               ",0000000138.00,D,03012014,
  469,03012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000138.00,C,03012014,
  471,03012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote firstTest6 lastTest6             ","               ",0000000138.00,D,03012014,
  471,03012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000138.00,C,03012014,
  473,05012014,VT,411000         ,,"Pilote tom TOM                          ","               ",0000000110.00,D,05012014,
  473,05012014,VT,706GIKI        ,,"Solo FGIKI                              ","               ",0000000110.00,C,05012014,