Accounting export template CsvWithCommaDecimal

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This page describes the generic accounting export template CSV with comma.

Following characters are removed in the export file :

  • &
  • <
  • >
  •  ;

Output file description

  • Decimal separator: ,
  • Encoding charset: UTF-8
  • Field character separator: ;
  • Fields:
Name Length (in character) Description
Flow number 6 Filled with prepended zeros to match length
Export code
Date Format is YYYYMMDD
Export account
Description 25 Filled with appended spaces to match length
Amount 8 Number with 2 digits after the decimal separator and filled with prepended zeros to match length
Character C or D C for credit, D for debit

Example of output file

000067;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote CHRISTIAN CHRISTIA;00099,00;D
000067;VT;20140101;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00099,00;C
000069;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Éléonore ÉLÉONORE ;00051,00;D
000069;VT;20140101;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00051,00;C
000071;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Nadine NADINE     ;00051,00;D
000071;VT;20140101;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00051,00;C
000073;VT;20140102;411000;Pilote Éléonore ÉLÉONORE ;00408,00;D
000073;VT;20140102;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00408,00;C
000075;VT;20140103;411000;Pilote Christophe LARATTE;00099,00;D
000075;VT;20140103;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00099,00;C
000077;VT;20140103;411000;Pilote Marie-France MARIE;00124,00;D
000077;VT;20140103;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00124,00;C
000079;VT;20140105;411000;Pilote Erwan ERWAN       ;00099,00;D
000079;VT;20140105;706BVOI;Solo FBVOI               ;00099,00;C
000343;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Susie SUSIE       ;00159,00;D
000343;VT;20140101;706GNNB;Solo FGNNB               ;00159,00;C
000459;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Thomas THOMAS     ;00138,00;D
000459;VT;20140101;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00138,00;C
000461;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote firstTest4 lastTes;00110,00;D
000461;VT;20140101;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00110,00;C
000463;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Thomas THOMAS     ;00069,00;D
000463;VT;20140101;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00069,00;C
000465;VT;20140101;411000;Pilote Richard RICHARD   ;00207,00;D
000465;VT;20140101;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00207,00;C
000467;VT;20140102;411000;Pilote Briac BRIAC       ;00345,00;D
000467;VT;20140102;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00345,00;C
000469;VT;20140103;411000;Pilote firstTest5 lastTes;00138,00;D
000469;VT;20140103;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00138,00;C
000471;VT;20140103;411000;Pilote firstTest6 lastTes;00138,00;D
000471;VT;20140103;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00138,00;C
000473;VT;20140105;411000;Pilote tom TOM           ;00110,00;D
000473;VT;20140105;706GIKI;Solo FGIKI               ;00110,00;C