Accounting export template CielXimport

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This page described the accounting export template Ximport for Ciel software.

Output file description

  • Encoding charset: cp850
  • Fields:
Name Length (in character) OpenFlyers filling
Flow number 5 Filled with prepended zeros to match length
Accounting journal 2 Export code
Accounting date 8 Format is YYYYMMDD
Due date 8 8 spaces
Voucher number 12 12 spaces
Account 11 Export account. Filled with appended spaces to match length
Description 25 Filled with appended spaces to match length
Amount 13 Number with 2 digits after the decimal separator and filled with prepended zeros to match length
Debit/credit 1 C for credit, D for debit
Reconciliation number 12 12 spaces
Analytic/Budget code 6 6 spaces
Name of the account 34 Filled with appended spaces to match length
Euro 1 ignored

Example of output file

   67VT20140101                    411000     Pilote CHRISTIAN CHRISTIA0000000099.00D                                                    
   67VT20140101                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000099.00C                                                    
   69VT20140101                    411000     Pilote l‚onore LONORE    0000000051.00D                                                    
   69VT20140101                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000051.00C                                                    
   71VT20140101                    411000     Pilote Nadine NADINE     0000000051.00D                                                    
   71VT20140101                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000051.00C                                                    
   73VT20140102                    411000     Pilote l‚onore LONORE    0000000408.00D                                                    
   73VT20140102                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000408.00C                                                    
   75VT20140103                    411000     Pilote Christophe LARATTE0000000099.00D                                                    
   75VT20140103                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000099.00C                                                    
   77VT20140103                    411000     Pilote Marie-France MARIE0000000124.00D                                                    
   77VT20140103                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000124.00C                                                    
   79VT20140105                    411000     Pilote Erwan ERWAN       0000000099.00D                                                    
   79VT20140105                    706BVOI    Solo FBVOI               0000000099.00C                                                    
  343VT20140101                    411000     Pilote Susie SUSIE       0000000159.00D                                                    
  343VT20140101                    706GNNB    Solo FGNNB               0000000159.00C                                                    
  459VT20140101                    411000     Pilote Thomas THOMAS     0000000138.00D                                                    
  459VT20140101                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000138.00C                                                    
  461VT20140101                    411000     Pilote firstTest4 lastTes0000000110.00D                                                    
  461VT20140101                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000110.00C                                                    
  463VT20140101                    411000     Pilote Thomas THOMAS     0000000069.00D                                                    
  463VT20140101                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000069.00C                                                    
  465VT20140101                    411000     Pilote Richard RICHARD   0000000207.00D                                                    
  465VT20140101                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000207.00C                                                    
  467VT20140102                    411000     Pilote Briac BRIAC       0000000345.00D                                                    
  467VT20140102                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000345.00C                                                    
  469VT20140103                    411000     Pilote firstTest5 lastTes0000000138.00D                                                    
  469VT20140103                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000138.00C                                                    
  471VT20140103                    411000     Pilote firstTest6 lastTes0000000138.00D                                                    
  471VT20140103                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000138.00C                                                    
  473VT20140105                    411000     Pilote tom TOM           0000000110.00D                                                    
  473VT20140105                    706GIKI    Solo FGIKI               0000000110.00C