Accounting export template CegidEcrexcel

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This page described the accounting export template CEGID - ECREXCEL.

Default Journal


Output file description

  • Encoding charset: UTF-8
  • Field character separator: ;
  • Fields:
Name Length (in character) Description
Accounting journal 3 OpenFlyers export code
Date Format is DD/MM/YYYY
General export account 17 The first three starting characters of the export account
Auxiliary export account 17 For a "411" export account, it's the characters following it. Otherwise, an empty string
Flow id 35
Description 35
Debit 20
Credit 20

Example of output file

VTE;12/07/2013;411;0189;67;Principal DUPOND DUPOND;99.17;
VTE;12/07/2013;706;;68;Heures de vol F-XXX1;81.67;
VTE;12/07/2013;706;;69;Instruction Vol ;17.50;
VTE;13/07/2013;411;0021;70;Principal JEAN JEAN;81.67;
VTE;13/07/2013;706;;71;Heures de vol F-XXX2;70.00;
VTE;13/07/2013;706;;72;Instruction Vol;11.67;
VTE;13/07/2013;411;0021;73;Principal JEAN JEAN;80.00;
VTE;13/07/2013;706;;74;Heures de vol F-F-XXX2;80.00;
VTE;13/07/2013;706;;77;Heures de vol F-F-XXX2;70.00;
VTE;13/07/2013;411;EXTERNE;78;pilotes heures de vol;70.00;
VTE;14/07/2013;411;0079;83;Principal DUBOIS DUBOIS;77.92;
VTE;14/07/2013;706;;84;Heures de vol F-XXX1;64.17;
VTE;14/07/2013;706;;85;Instruction Vol;13.75;